Lake Superior Spring Agate

Lake Superior agate

Took a little vacation break to Northern Michigan last weekend for bird watching and agate-hunting. Here is what you can find if you venture 20+ miles from the nearest electricity!



  1. Michael said

    Wow, that is one beautiful rock! Where on earth?????????

  2. Tom Heidel said

    Great site. We just came back this weekend from an Agate hunting trip at Lake Superior. It was our first time. Our first day wasn’t so good because of the weather and our inexperience. We traveled to Gran Marais to visit the Gitche Gumee Agate Museum and found out what they actually looked like rather than from pictures only. It really helped.
    You can see more about our trip at

    Keep up the good work.

  3. cathy long said

    How big is your first round shaped eye agate. How big can agates be?
    Beautiful rock and gorgeous canning and vegs!!

    Thanks for the kind words. Agates can be quite large I think, esp. the ones you find inland in gravel pits etc. All the agates on my site come from the lakeshore, so are smaller. The largest I’ve found is maybe the size of a large-graded egg — only flatter. Good luck hunting them.

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