JFI: Toor Dal ~ The Roundup! Part 2: N ~ Z

Many many thanks for all of the lovely comments on The Roundup, Part 1!
I will get back and answer them individually now that Part 2 is done.
I am so happy that everyone is enjoying the fabulous Toor Dal Delights
created by so many talented cooks!

I thank you all for your patience and participation! I can’t remember when I had so much fun. Through this tiny legume I have met many new friends, and reconnected with some dear old friends as well.

It’s evident that toor dal is greatly loved! *Ninety-one* wonderful people contributed a total of *127* toor dal delights for JFI.

Each contributor and each dish is very special, and brings me much joy.
I wish I could sample every recipe; it is my honor to present them here.
Special thanks to Indira, creator of Jhiva, for the opportunity 🙂


As with Part 1, the links are set out by contributors’ first name. Photos aren’t clickable this time, but the name of each dish corresponds to the photo above it; clicking on the name will take you to the recipe on the corresponding blog.

At this time I am unable to script this to open links in a new window — so use the back button on your browser to return to this page.

If your first name (or the nickname you blog under) begins with N-Z and you don’t see your entry here, please send me a note at outofthegarden1911 at yahoo.com — as Revathi did, *sorry* Revathi!! You’re in there now! — so I can find it. \
Things got a wee bit busy there toward the deadline 🙂

Don’t forget to see the very special surprise guest contribution at the conclusion of this post — and now without further ado, feast your eyes on Part 2!


Nags’ Beans Parippu Usili

Nags’ Beans Parippu Usili

Nags’ Parippu Rasam

Nags’ Parippu Rasam

Namratha’s Daal Fry

Namratha’s Daal Fry

Namratha’s Vegetable Sambar

Namratha’s Vegetable Sambar

Namratha’s Bisi Bele Bath

Namratha’s Bisi Bele Bath

Namratha’s Cumin Rasam

Namratha’s Cumin Rasam

Namratha’s Obattu

Namratha’s Obattu

Namratha’s Khara Dose

Namratha’s Khara Dose (Spicy Dosas)

Nidhi’s Everyday Dal

Nidhi’s Everyday Dal

Nirmala’s Kanthirikkai Mangai Paruppu

Nirmala’a Kathirikkai Mangai Paruppu

Nupur’s Pumpkin Amti

Nupur’s Pumpkin Amti

Paru’s Togari Bath

Paru’s Togari Bath (Toor Spiced Rice)

Pel’s Puneri Aamti

Pel’s Puneri Aamti

Prema’s Spinach Dal

Prema’s Spinach Dal

Priya’s Gujarati Dal

Priya’s (Food and Laughter) Gujarati Dal

Priya’s Mixed Vegetable Kootu

Priya’s (Sugar and Spices) Mixed Vegetable Kootu

Pushpa’s Mutton and Toor Briyani

Pushpa’s Mutton and Toor Dal Briyani

Raaga’s Adraki Dal

Raaga’s Adraki Dal

Raaga’s Dali Ambat

Raaga’s Dali Ambat

Rajeswari’s Killu Adai

Rajeswari’s Killu Adai ~ Pinched Rice Rotis with Toordhal

Raji’s Mudda Pappu

Raji’s Mudda Pappu

Rajitha’s Keerai Molagutal

Rajitha’s Keerai Spinach Molagutal

Red Chillies’ Steamed Toor Daal Dill Cake

Red Chillies’ Steamed Toor Daal Dill Cake

Remya’s Sorakkai Paruppu Kootu

Remya’s Sorakkai Paruppu Kootu

Renuka’s Papuppu Urundai with Kara Chutney

Reunka’s Paruppu Urundai with Kara Chutney

Revathi’s Red Chard Dal

Revathi’s Red Chard Dal

Revathi’s Sorakai Sambar

Revathi’s Sorakai Sambar

Rina’s Simple Toor Dal

Rina’s Simple Toor Dal

Sagari’s Coconut-Covered Toor Dhal Koftas

Sagari’s Coconut-Covered Toor Dhal Koftas

Saju’s Dal/Dar Ismaili-Style Soup

Saju’s Dal/Dar Ismaili Style Soup


Sandeepa’s Toor Dal Chutney

Saroja’s Spinach Dal

Saroja’s Spinach Dal

Seema’s Sanna Polo (Cabbage Onion Dosa)

Seema’s Sanna Polo (Cabbage Onion Dosa)

Seena’s Kumbalanga Parippy Curry

Seena’s Kumbalanga Parippu Curry (Ash Gourd Dal)

Shivapriya’s Mudda Pappu Tomato Rasam

Shivapriya’s Mudda Pappu Tomato Rasam

Shweta’s Parsi Dhansaak

Shweta’s Parsi Dhansaak

Shyam’s Tur Dal Chutney

Shyam’s Tur Dal Chutney

Shyam’s Tur Dal Mor Kuzhambu

Shyam’s Tur Dal Mor Kuzhambu

Sia’s Fried Okra Dal

Sia’s Fried Okra Dal

Siri’s Dal Dhokadi

Siri’s (Siri’s Corner) Dal Dhokadi

Siri’s Gori Kayi Curry

Siri’s (Siri’s Sapad) Gori Kayi Curry ~ North Karnataka Style

Sivani’s Spinach and Tomato Kandi Pappu

Sivani’s Spinach and Tomato Kandi Pappu

Sreelu’s Raw Mango Dal

Sreelu’s Raw Mango Dal (Pulla Mavidikaya Pappu)

Srivalli’s Toor Dal Podi

Srivalli’s Amma’s Toor Dal Podi

Sukanya’s Paruppu Rasam

Sukanya’s Paruppu Rasam

Sushma’s Methi Rasam

Sushma’s Methi Rasam

Suthi’s Toor Dal Dosa

Suthi’s Toor Dal Dosa

Suthi’s Toor Dal Rice

Suthi’s Toor Dal Rice

Suthi’s Kara Vadai

Suthi’s Kara Vadai

Suthi’s Toor Dhal Masiyal and Toordal Vadai

Suthi’s Toor Dhal Masiyal and Toordal Vadai

Swapna’s Kandi Podi

Swapna’s Kandi Podi (Toor Dal Powder)

Swaps’ Daily Daal

Swaps’ Daily Daal

Thanu’s Toor Dal Dosa

Thanu’s Toor Dal Dosa

TBC’s Methi Dal

The Budding Cook’s Methi Dal

Valli’s Toor Dal Soup with Lemongrass

Valli’s Toor Dal Soup with Lemongrass

Vanamala’s Hirekayi Thove

Vanamala’s Hirekayi Thove

Vani’s Daalithoy

Vani’s Daalithoy

Vijaya’s Kandi Pachadi

Vijaya’s Kandi Pachadi

Vineela’s Kandi Pappu Beans Koora

Vineela’s Kandi Pappu Beans Koora

Zlamuska’s Dal Kootu

Zlamushka’s Dal Kootu

And finally, as promised, the Special Guest Contribution is here.


This is not the end of JFI: Toor Dal. A comprehensive reference page is in the works, and will be available after the New Year. I imagine I’ll have a few more words to say on the subject at that time (oh, I can hear the groans from here 😉 )

And now I pass the JFI Baton to lovely Deepz of Letz Cook, and for JFI January she is featuring Chocolate!! Look out, ’cause she has already made her first entry and it looks great!

Have lots of fun hosting, Deepz 🙂



  1. indosungod said

    Fantastico Linda dear, that was one awesome roundup and the guest host was wonderful. All the recipes are going to be treasures no dobut!

    Thanks again, ISG and yes, they’re all treasures as are the participants, yourself included! Happy Holiday and enjoy every moment! Look for you back after the new year 🙂

  2. Deepa said

    Lady ..Just awesome roundup…no words to say .I am sure you would have had a difficult time in putting all this together …great …this is for sure going to be a bookmark page in my PC ….

    Hi Deepa dear, thank you so much and so happy you enjoyed! 🙂

  3. Indira said

    Dear Linda,

    What fun! It’s really a joy to see the attention on “toor dal”. Thank you for taking this event to your heart and making it so endearing for all of us.

    I look forward to your

  4. Indira said

    dissertation on toor dal.

    (Sorry, accidentally clicked the submit button. )

    Thank you Indira, for your kind support and encouragement, means alot to me 🙂

  5. Nags said

    lovely. and yayyyy, my recipes are the first two 😀 thanks a ton for the lovely round up and for hosting this relatively tough event!

    Thought you would enjoy that part, Nags, and well-deserved! Your recipes were great! 🙂 Thanks for taking part! 🙂

  6. Srivalli said

    Just too lovely Linda…great job and the surprise post is too good!

    Thanks again Sri, I’m so happy you enjoyed! That’s what it’s all about 🙂

  7. shyam said

    Wow, that’s one toor dal dish per day for MONTHS! 🙂 Fantastic turnout, Linda. When I see how many recipes Namratha’s contributed, I feel quite ashamed of my pathetic two 😀 But hey, all the more for me to try!

    Ashames, no way Shyam! I was the hostess for Pete’s sake (no, not your Pete! 😉 ) and I only had one in here 😉 I loved your two yummy contributions! 🙂

  8. simpleanddelicious said

    thats great Linda!
    what lovely yummy recipes ..When could I try out them all..:) so tempting dishes..thanks for choosing this special ingredient.
    Linda, I have edited the dosa recipe. Pls check it.
    have a wonderful day!

    Thanks for your kind words, Seena, and lovely recipe too! I’ll check the dosa 🙂

  9. Nupur said

    I have a years’ worth of new dals to try out! Everyday meals are not going to be so “everyday” anymore. Thank you Linda!

    Thanks Nupur, you always say the nicest things! 🙂

  10. Miri said

    Wow! what an awesome round up Linda! Thanks so much for doing this and bringing in so much enthusiasm into this event!

    I’m so happy you enjoyed it Miri — it was lots of fun for me 🙂 Thank you for taking part! 🙂

  11. Rajitha said

    lovely round-up linda..thnks for hosting….and now i am off to see round-up 1 🙂

    Thanks Rajitha, I’m so glad you liked it 🙂

  12. Happy Cook said

    lovely 2nd part roundup. I was going through all the recipes and it is unbelievable what a variety is there with dals.
    I am going to change my habbit of making simple dal to one of these newer creation. Don’t get me wrong my imple dal isdelicious but after seeing the ddal recipes i have to try something new

    I’m so happy to hear you say, HC. That was my hope, that we could all learn some wonderful new ways with Toor Dal! 🙂 Thanks for being a part 🙂

  13. TBC said

    Thanks for hosting, Linda! 🙂

    Thanks for cooking, TBC! 🙂

  14. bee said

    you have an e-mail, hun.

  15. Namratha said

    Wonderful Linda, you’ve done a gr8 job! when a host is as nice as you, then no doubt the event will be winner… 🙂

    Namratha, what a sweet thing to say, thank you! I think it’s the participants who make the event, as much as the host :):)

  16. valli said

    Wow! wonderful roundup linda! there are so many recipes to try!

    Thanks Valli, so glad you are enjoying it! 🙂

  17. Paru said

    With the New year around the corner..I wont have to stress my mind about getting home from work and deciding what to cook..The list is all here now and I cant wait to try all the recipes posted..

    Again, many thanks to you Linda for doing such a wonderful job organising and posting all the lovely entries..

    Paru, that’s how I feel too – no more poring over same old toor dal recipes – we have lots to choose from now! Thanks again for your kind words and for participating 🙂

  18. Richa said

    wow! u sure have collected a lot many toor recipes, Linda!
    very well done!

    Thanks Richa! Waiting for you to try one out and blow me away with the pic 😉

  19. Wow, Linda, two parts of a wonderful roundup. Thanks for being a great host!

    Thanks for your kind words, ET, and thank you for taking part! 🙂

  20. Shweta said

    Great roundup and a great turnout Linda! So I now have 125 recipes I could try with toor-daal? Wow! Before I entered the blogging world, I could hardly see beyond regular daal cooked at home and sambhar! Even my beloved dosas with toor daal!! Love it!

    I’m so happy you enjoyed it Shweta dear — I loved your write-up about toor! I am learning alot from these as well! And now with Revathi’s you have 127! 😉

  21. Bharathy said

    Linda…I am speechless..
    A_W_E_S_O_M_E in a word..no words to thankyou for the all the hardwork!..:)

    By the way today I received fresh thoordal in pods(almost a KG) plucked from the farm of the western ghat valleys of Tamil nadu…which my husband had bought home…I am seeing them for the frst time…now that the great round up is all over…otherwise I would have sent you the picture..
    Thanks again Linda

    Bharathy, your kind words bring a smile to my face, thank you! It was lots of fun more than work, and got to meet so many lovely new folks such as yourself. Hope you enjoy all that fresh toor! 🙂

  22. revathi said


    Lovely lovely roundup. It is definitely not an easy thing to do round up of 125 entries.

    About the idly, I have never never tried to make idly with sona masoori rice. I guess idly might be slightly harder. I have to admit I have never had much success with idli rawa.. Good luck with your new grinder !!!

    Thanks so much, Revathi, glad you liked it! I tried the new grinder yesterday — idlies coming up! 🙂

  23. Pelicano said

    Why, I do declare! There are enough lovely things on this table to last me ’til the honk of my hearse! Good thing I’m well-acquainted with the proper use of my flapping jaws, so I can tuck in directly… 😉

    Tuck in directly — is Pelicano a British name??? 😉

    Glad you enjoyed, Pel and thanks for taking part! 🙂

  24. sandeepa said

    Wow Linda, what a round up. Sorry had missed the Part I but went through that just now. Amazing work. You know what I am thinking. You must have had to put in a lot of effort to resize all those images.

    Thanks Linda again for such a beautiful round up

    Thanks a bunch, Sandeepa dear! Loved your chutney and I am still coveting the orange hot pad you placed that on! 🙂

  25. mallugirl said

    a lot of options now with tuvar dal.. i missed it ! ur categorisation looks great.

    Hey Shaheen, thanks for passing by! Glad you liked the collection 🙂

  26. VegeYum said

    What a huge number of dishes! I wish that I had time to try them all. Amazing job to sort them all and post the pics. I really appreciate all tat work.

    I really appreciate your comment, Vegeyum! If you enjoyed, my work is done 🙂

  27. rahin said

    Linda…..gr8 round up …..all i knew to cook with toor dal was dals n sambars ….but now …gotta learn a lot new ones …thank u dear …..m sorry i cud not contribute ….first my computer was not keeping well n then me …hopefully next time ….

    Hey Rahin, glad to see you and hope you’re feeling better now! Glad you liked the toor dishes, and not to worry, I might sign up for next December too 😉 Hope you survived the icy weekend! 🙂

  28. Hema said

    Dear Dear Linda,
    I am so sorry I missed sending you a toor-dal entry. The round-up looks amazing and the special entry was indeed very special. Believe it or not, I made capsicum paruppu usili for the event and then got too lazy to go upstairs to fetch my camera. I recently started working full time and hardly get any extra time. I miss blogging and your friendly smiles. Hope to get back soon.

    Hi Hema!! You made my day stopping by here 🙂 I bet capsicum paruppu usili was so yummy, you could take a pic next time you make it and I’ll add it to the recipe page I am making 🙂 I understand how it is when you’re working, and you with a little one besides. Drop me a note sometime and let me know how you are. I miss you too! 🙂

  29. Great round up Linda! Thank you for hosting this event.

    I’m so happy you enjoyed, thank you! 🙂

  30. vivnidhi said

    Hey Linda, I have taken ages to chime in but you have done a fabulous job of putting together so many recipes. You bet I had no idea that Toor dal can be made in so many ways. The list is really exhaustive. I am sure it will be used by many many people. Thank you for giveing the opportunity to participate. Since it was my first entry in any event, your encouragement helped a lot! Kudos to you!!!

    Hi Nidhi, thanks so much for your kind words and participation! 🙂
    I am so glad you decided to join us! It’s lots of fun as you can see… so keep coming along for the other events 🙂

  31. renuka said

    Hi linda just visited your blog a great one and a wonderful round-up too

    Hi Renuka, and thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the round up 🙂

  32. Monika said

    Thankyou for sharing this with us

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