Recipe for a Spring Agate Hunt

Finding Spring Agates
click on photos to enlarge

A very simple recipe for a spring agate hunt on Lake Superior!

You need:

1 warmish spring day, after ice break-up on Lake Superior
1 kindred spirit
1 reliable automobile
1 full tank gasoline
1 good pair walking shoes
1 camera
1 Song Of The Lakes cd in the player
1 big lunch in picnic cooler


1. Wait for spring. Takes all winter.
When you notice things like this…

trout lillies
trout lillies

cherry blossom near opening

… then you know it’s time.

2. Get in the car. Start the engine.
Place SOTL cd in player and cue to track 1.
Press play. Drive north. Time varies.

I 75
keep driving north…

3. Continue north until you see…

mackinac bridge
mackinac bridge

… the Mackinac Bridge. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a laker passing beneath!

4. Go over the bridge. Continue north until you get to a deserted stretch of Lake Superior agate beach. Takes about 3 hours.

agate beach on Lake Superior

5. Walk on this beach. Wear the good walking shoes. You’ll be glad you did.
Search on the beach for agates. Takes all day.

millions of rocks in Lake Superior

6. Also search at the water’s edge. Bring gloves. The water is cold.
When you need a break from bending over, have a look in the trees.
If you’re lucky, you might see…

yellow-bellied sapsucker

… a sapsucker!

7. Continue searching. At the end of the day, you should have several treats to help you remember your spring agate hunt 🙂

spring agates

spring agate

spring agate

“February is a short month… then March is spring… ”

— Laura Ingalls Wilder



  1. MeltingWok said

    a whole day of relaxation, is that enough to you ? Better than the spa ya ? hehe..Linda, such music to my ears, the cherry blossoms are so preety, reminds me of Chinese NY, we have those trees at home, and silly us would dress it up like the Xmas tree. Anyway, what’s that last pix. ?? Looks like a big cherry stone clam haha, what a great find !! Cheers !:)

    Better than a clam, Shirley, for eye candy at least — it’s an agate 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the cherry blossom — northern Michigan is full of cherry orchards but this was just a lone tree. Would love to see some cherry blossom pics from your home too! 🙂

  2. Maggie said

    What a lovely excursion! I have a love affair with Mackinac Island although I’ve never been. Do you live near it? Thanks for giving me a little armchair vacation…

    Hi Maggie, thanks for the visit! I don’t live near Mackinac Island, but try to get up that way every year. I’ve never been to the island although I’ve seen it numerous times from a distance. Do make a trip up that way sometime — lovely country 🙂

  3. sia said

    pictures say thousand words:) this is what i call visual treat:) great pics linda…

    Thanks Supriya, I’m so glad you enjoyed them 🙂

  4. asha said

    Beautiful photos Linda,Michigan rocks!:))

    I am surprised to a pebble beach like they have in England! Full of pebbles instead of sand.Interesting.NC coast is full of white powdery sand.

    Trisha brought one of those stones from her field trip,aren’t they beautiful? Wonders of nature never cease to surprise me!:))

    I am waiting for the Spring too,it’s almost here for us.But lot of bloom means I get severe allergy and have to get a shot atleast once betn mid March to mid June.oh well..

    Thank you Asha 🙂 Lots of rocky shoreline up on Lake Superior. Where did Tr. go on her field trip? I know what you mean about allergies, though I don’t have them so bad I need shots. Hang in there and soon it’ll be summertime… no shots at the beach! 😉

  5. indosungod said

    Wonderful Linda, can’t wait for Spring.

    Thanks ISG … that makes two of us 🙂

  6. Mishmash! said

    HI Linda,Lovely snapshots! esply the agate beach and the rocks in the lake superior. me too waiting for spring very badly, but looks like its still a long wait 😦


    Hi Shn, don’t know how I missed this, sorry! 🙂 Glad you liked the pics… spring’s coming quicker than we know!

  7. Lera said

    Linda these are so beautiful…..just love your scenic pictures .:)

    Thank you Lera — so glad you enjoyed 🙂

  8. Marie Thomas said

    Hello! I’ve traveled to Minnesota twice a year (two weeks at a time) for the last four years for school. I went to Lake Superior and loved looking for agate on the beach. I am looking for someone who could supply me with agate spheres for kids. I teach kids in Pennsylvania how to shoot marbles and we use agates for the shooters. The kids compete in the National Marbles Tournament each year. If you know of anyone who makes spheres out of the agate and is willing to sell them, please let me know. I will be in Minnesota to graduate in June of 2007. Hope you can help! Thanks, Marie

    Hi Marie, thanks for your comment. Agates would surely make lovely marbles for your little pupils! I don’t personally know of anyone who does that, but you might try a google search, or browsing on eBay. Good luck and congrats on your upcoming graduation 🙂

  9. Savannah said

    Oh, thank you very much for this post. I abosolutely adore agates. I had no idea they were just laying around in Michigan! I should get to know my own beautiful home better, I think.

    Are agates laying around in the summer or fall or is it mostly spring?

    Hi Savannah — I expect agates are around all the year — they’ve been here for millions of years just waiting to be discovered! Best time to hunt however, is spring and fall. Glad you enjoyed the pics and hope you enjoy finding some agates, too 🙂

  10. Mary Ann Mikelsons said

    Hello, I hope you are still replying to comments years later…
    I have wanted to hunt for Lakers in the UP for a long time and I may be able to make it happen in 2013. My question is this, what month in spring are you talking about? I’m sure spring in the UP is later than in Chicago. Would the end of March be a good time, or is that too early? I’m a teacher and that is our spring break.
    Mary Ann

  11. John said

    Joe biden sucks

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