Late August ~ Harvest Begins

Here’s hoping everyone in the path of Hurricane Harvey is safe and dry tonight. There is always something to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for any harvest here this year. The spring was cool and late — the summer was not hot and did not encourage my tomatoes to do much — most are dying off from some unknown disease. Nevertheless we are picking, fast and furious, anything that has a chance to ripen. Everything is late — I finally got a few brinjals! Okra is just blossoming and I doubt it will grow in the cool of late August here, but we shall see.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the cucumbers and squash have been the stars this year — there is always something to be thankful for. We managed to salvage some corn from the blown-over stalks, and the green beans have been very prolific! Long beans are coming on, the little Chinese broccoli plants are growing, there will be beets and chard to pick, as well as the second planting of kohlrabi.  I have my winter stash of Thai and regular basil in the freezer — fresh dhania too. I can’t complain about the peppers, either.

Best of all, I am off on Thursday to see my kids and my folks in Massachusetts — when I get back there should be LOTS of tomatoes ready and waiting 🙂

I hope your garden is flourishing — wherever you may be!

sweet corn, var. bodacious

sweet corn, var. bodacious ~ we got 14 good-sized ears for fresh eating!

mixed rogue ears

I boiled up the rogue ears ~ bodacious and double standard ~ cut the kernels from the cobs and got about a quart for the freezer  🙂

korean squash and brinjals

at last, the brinjals ~ these are ‘orient express’ ~ with the lovely Korean squash, var. Pum Ae


and yes, thankfully, there are tomatoes! lemon boy, cherokee purple, prudens purple, and parks whopper improved… hoping those green cherries turn yellow as they were meant to do ~ var. egg yolk

ingrdients for cornichons

all the ingredients for cornichons came from the garden save bay leaf and peppercorns

homemade cornichons

homemade cornichons with plenty of vinegar ~ enough to make you pucker!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Thankful absolutely Yes!

    I love your bright and shiny corn Linda. I have them much better than last year but the tips always have worms in them which we chop and feed to the chickens 🙂

    If only I could send you some of my tomatoes,okra and brinjal. I have been freezing and saucing them for winter. I have not tried freezing okra and brinjal but trying them this year.

    When you are in MA you want to visit DD or should I ask her to visit you? Might be fun.

    When are you visiting the farm?

    Hello, ISG!! I am *so* happy to see you here!!! 🙂

    I would dearly LOVE to visit with DD in MA, but I’m not so sure how long I’ll be in the city. My dad is pretty ill on Cape Cod and I will likely spend most of the time there with the folks.

    Can I come to the farm when DD is home for break!?? 🙂

    I’ll send you an email.

    Oh, and I’ve never tried freezing brinjal but why not? Okra freezes beautifully 🙂

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