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Surti Papdi Lilva Valor!? It’s All Poriyal To Me

beans and green chiles
just picked! beans and green serrano chiles

Surti papdi lilva valor!? I am so confused about these beautiful beans, I don’t know what to call them!

I’ve seen these in the Indian groceries for years and they were usually called papdi — this was on the east coast of US… for some reason I never tried them. Shame on me!

Now that it’s a day trip to the nearest Indian grocery, I’ll have to grow more veggies next summer. With these little guys, I am encouraged to do just that 🙂

A long time ago, I received a bonus packet of beans called Val Papdi, ‘Priya’ variety, in an order from Seeds Of India.

For some reason I never planted them. They moved with me to the north woods, where I doubted they would grow at all. As much as I love it here, the growing season can be much shorter than what I was used to — also, the seeds were old.

In spite of rather late planting and much company between dg’s pole beans and my mom’s cranberry beans — they have not only grown, but flourished!

wall o'beans
wide view of the ‘wall o’beans’ in august

cranberry bean from mom's seeds
cranberry or horticultural bean ~ seeds courtesy mom ~ they will be cream colored with red or purple streaks if they have time to ripen ~ you can see the streaks beginning to form

Suddenly we had all these lovely ‘Priya papdi’ beans and I didn’t know what to do with them. Over on facebook, Richa wisely suggested undhiyu! OH, that would be perfect, but I have no time at the moment to make muthia and no means of getting it frozen.

When I try my hand at undhiyu for the first time, I want to cook the *real deal* 😉

what is my name!? lovely papdi beans growing...
beautiful beans…

So, for a first taste, I looked for something simple that would showcase the flavor of this veggie which is new to me.
I finally settled on this recipe by fellow WordPress blogger Cheryl of Kitchen Kemistry. It was whipped up in no time and made an awesome lunch today. Thanks Cheryl!

harvest of beans
freshly harvested pale green beans ~ I love their graceful shape!

thinly sliced papdi? beans
the thinly sliced (papdi?) beans

frying seasoning
frying the simple seasonings

an ice cube for water
adding an ice cube instead of water ~ this impromptu trick worked really well and I will remember it next time I want crisp-tender veggies!

the finished poriyal
about fifteen minutes start to finish ~ fresh and fragrant papdi(??) beans poriyal

Incidentally, the Seeds of India listing above says the entire plant is edible including the leaves. If anyone has experience eating leaves of this plant I would be most interested to hear.


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