Going “Up North”

beanstalks grow on this huge sunflower...
beans are climbing up this huge sunflower…

Now that I live in the “northern lower”, a trip “up north” to the Upper Peninsula isn’t such an undertaking — all I need is a few days off and a car as opposed to a few weeks off and a plane ticket!

Here is where I am headed…

When I get back I hope to have some great new photos — perhaps even some foodie stuff too! (such as pickles, sra?) 🙂

lake superior ~ yum!
lake superior


  1. sra said

    It looks like you have enough pickles to start a business 😀 Really, really curious to track how you finish them all!

    Mango pickle making at home is a small-scale business – we make lots and send it out to family abroad, it’s a big operation and one I miss witnessing.

    Have fun on your trip!

    Thanks sra! I bet your mango pickles from home are highly sought after! 🙂

  2. indosungod said

    Have fun Linda! Isn’t it cold up there now?

    Thanks ISG! And it was wonderfully warm — almost 60F all three days! 🙂

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