ISG’s Rustic Chicken Curry (with potatoes) for January Thaw

I woke this morning to fog in the eerie pre-dawn light. “Wake Up With Al” was on the Weather Channel, talking about aurora borealis. Al is slightly annoying, but in a charming, rather endearing sort of way. And who doesn’t dream of seeing the aurora? Besides, I like the weather first thing in the morning. I dozed.

I drove to work in the mild foggy wet, car windows down and radio turned up loud, with a hint of January thaw in the air. This, and we’ve hardly had anything frozen… yet.

In the office, we had the windows open, chasing out the stale air. It felt like a breath of spring in the middle of the winter-that-wasn’t. I was unsettled all day.
I wished I could come home and throw open every window — plant a garden — even clean the house!

Because I work in the travel business, this is how the unusual aurora news greeted me in my email. The photo alone is enough reason to follow the link:

Planes Rerouted.

This solar storm is/was the strongest in 5, 6, or 7 years, depending on which news outlet you check with. The aurora forecast even predicted a chance for sighting as far south as Boston. Alas, it was cloudy all night; no northern lights to be seen here. While waiting and hoping for the skies to clear, I cooked. What else πŸ™‚

Dear ISG’s recent post of Rustic Chicken Curry had caught my eye and I had some chicken, so supper was a breeze.

I learned a thing or two while making this. I washed the chicken in turmeric and water as instructed. Then I dried it thoroughly with paper towels before cooking.
I sprinkled it with more turmeric too, while browning. These steps seemed to bring the chicken to another level.

I had a few small potatoes, so I used ISG’s cinnamon and cloves whole with the seasonings, and added my favorite potato masala before the spice paste.
I think I should have used ALL of the dried red chiles, as I found the end result a little mild(??) for me πŸ˜‰

Nevertheless, this is a keeper — thanks for the yummy recipe, ISG! πŸ™‚

ISG’s delicious rustic chicken curry with goda masala, potato, and every last drop of coconut… yum!



  1. I saw in the news Brittish ppl were lucky to see one day but then the next day it was a cloudy day too.
    Chicken curry looks so so delicious , i think first i will pick up all that potato and eat , as i love potatoes in chicken curry, i love her place too.

    Can never go wrong with ISG’s recipes, nor yours Finla! I found one of your chicken curries earlier… yum πŸ™‚

  2. indosungod said

    Linda, yes the chicken curry has amazing power to drive out those blues.
    Love the addition of potatoes. This would be amazing with some naan to don’t you think?

    I think I am on a chicken curry kick now, ISG πŸ˜‰ It would indeed be amazing with naan — maybe a project for the weekend! πŸ™‚

  3. rahin said

    love the curry, looks mouth watering

    Can’t go wrong with any of ISG’s curries, Rahin! Thanks for stopping πŸ™‚

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