Simple Sunday Supper ~ ISG’s Fish Kulambu, Kongu Naatu-Style

isg's fish kolambu
ISG’s yummy fish kulambu ~ cod never had it so good!

Out shopping today I passed by the fish market — they had the freshest cod
I’ve ever seen just begging to be taken home. The cod is a ‘sacred’ fish here in Massachusetts — we even have a cape named after it 😉

There are concerns about overfishing of cod, so I don’t buy it often; today I couldn’t resist the pull and pushed my nagging guilt out of the way.

Not feeling like the usual baked preparation, I looked around in my ‘wish list’ of dishes to try and came across an old recipe from dear ISG:

Fish kulambu!! Almost as good as sambhar, right? 🙂

I made it almost exactly according to ISG’s recipe, omitting coconut and I did
add 1/3 c masoor dal to thicken it up a bit.

The mild fish in tangy kulambu, served over brown rice, was out-of-this-world delicious! Perfect for a chilly winter eve.

spotted curry leaves
spotted curry leaves

Do your curry leaves ever look like this? Are they safe to eat?



  1. Great that u enjoyed the fish kolambu :0).the curry leaves dont seem healthy to me, I wouldnt use them .

  2. indosungod said

    Masoor dal in Fish? Never done it but why not? I am sure it tastes perfect.

    Missed our appt. last night. Got ourselves a new TV and got too involved with that. I remembered it as I soon as I saw this post.

  3. Happy Cook said

    Happy Newyear dear Linda to you and family.
    I have neve rhad fish in the combo, looks delish.

  4. rahin said

    Linda, tht looks too delicious for an instant dosa … also if i have currry leaves tht have bad spots on them or discolored i just rip off the affected area n use them …better than wasting a whole leaf, dont u think?

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