Happy Christmas to All..

Merry Christmas!

cinnamon buns ready to bake

I make these for Christmas morning, but they’re worthy of any festive day.

They’re special, delicious, and best of all, easy! If you’ve never baked with real yeast — don’t worry… if I can make ’em, anyone can — seriously 🙂

cinnamon buns doused in icing ~ christmas morning treat

christmas nor’easter — a blizzard

I hope everyone in this storm’s path is safe tonight… it’s really blowing!

pinkie is snug, sleeping on his rudolph pillow pet

I also hope that all pets are safe and warm inside tonight … especially cats 🙂

my m ‘n ms ~ the true meaning of christmas 🙂

the christmas tree, in the wee hours before dawn ~
still magical to me ~ just a kid at heart!

Here’s wishing for peace on earth.



  1. indosungod said

    Linda. delicious. You know why the kids love the airport. They get to indulge on these cinnabons. Not that cinnabons are not available elsewhere but at an airport they somehow taste better.

    I am trying these soon. They look so very tempting.

    Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year!

  2. Sra said

    Happy Holidays and a happy new year to you!

  3. Hey dearie, good to see you back on blogging world! 🙂 Cinnamon rolls looks so good and tempted to grab one. I’m thinking to try at home since a long time.

    Hope all is well at your end. Happy New Year 2011! Hugs, xox..

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