Ah… August!

Finally — August!

Of course, August began fifteen days back, but mid-month is when I notice the sun setting just a little earlier each day, I can feel a subtle change in the weather,
I finally feel like doing all those chores I’ve been putting off since May;

mid-August is when my blood and breath quicken ~ when my spirit begins to move again after a long summer’s nap.

Of course I am very disappointed that I am unable to make my annual August pilgrimage to the Big Lake, but, chin up!

The garden harvest is on in earnest, and autumn is just around the corner. Preparations for moving m to college are in full swing!

m’s just back from summer camp and the laundry is *everywhere* ~
pinkie wisely ignores it…

Meanwhile, out in the garden, things are looking up…

up, up and away!

various tomatoes on the deck ~ at the right is the brandywine tomato tree which tops out at about 6′ tall ~ nothing compared to mm’s 8′ monsters!

brandywine tomatoes growing

and at last, the first one ripening!

lemon boy tomatoes ~ not as prolific as the golden jubilees of prior years,
but just as sweet

elegant black prince tomato ripens to deep red, with mahogany shoulders ~
this has a rich, smoky flavor

the winner two years running ~ chanchal okra! an indian variety, the seeds are available here

this rogue tomato sprouted in the midst of the new herb garden ~
it’s flowering, and even has a baby fruit set ~ all without any special attention

A few interesting creatures have popped up around the garden this year…

alianthus webworm

a dragonfly of the mystery variety ~ these guys are a gardener’s friend

juvenile red-tailed hawk ~ one of two that have been frequenting the tops of some large pine trees at the end of the street ~ hence the fuzzy close-up

ah, august!

lake superior in all her august splendor ~ yep, a little homesick



  1. Vani said

    Oh for a home garden like that!!! I tell that to ISG and Asha too. Black thumb certainly doesn’t help me. As doesn’t sheer laziness too, I must honestly add 🙂

  2. Happy Cook said

    Beautiful pics, hi hi i loved the pic of the laundry lying every were 🙂

  3. indosungod said

    Beautiful pictures from the garden including those bugs. Those tomatoes are huge!! What an orderly garden. I got more tomato plants than I bargained for – this is what happens when you try to make compost out of old seeds 🙂

    I know the earlier setting sun makes me sad. I always welcome Fall/Winter kicking and screaming.

  4. Siri said

    Welcome back Linda. Your posted reminded me that Yes, Summer is almost officially over. I am so j about your garden. So many fresh veggies. :D. and the bugs too. 😉

    Happy Autumn. Looking forward to read more.

    by the way what did you make with those eggplants? just curious.


  5. deb said

    Just found your blog. Was googling jicama, it’s on my ‘to cook’ list. Love the tomatos! I’m thinking of planting some soon, and am very inspired after seeing your efforts!!

  6. Di said

    I love your blog! I searched for brown rice biryani –your recipe looks fantastic.

    I’m so inspired by your gardening! I’ve been wanting to plant a variety of veggies for quite a while. So far I have a bountiful little herb garden.

    You seem like such a lovely person. Best wishes!

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