Late June Garden

tomato blossoms waiting for the sun

hopeful buds waiting to open and become…

tomato blossoms

tomato blossoms… in all their glory

After the sad and sorry tomato blight of last year, I decided to plant more brinjal…

brinjal blossoms
a “mess” of brinjal blossoms

one lovely brinjal blossom

and only a few tomatoes on the deck…

cherry tomatoes and brinjals
cherry tomatoes, in two pots, with two ichiban eggplant (long purple brinjals) in one pot… deck gardening!

…with herbs in the garden ‘proper’.

herb garden ~ cosmos behind
the little herb garden, where tomatoes once grew…

Sunflower seeds (a few years old) did not germinate, so I got a few cosmos seedlings and planted them instead — if they grow tall, the goldfinches might be enticed by their seeds in a month or two.

Happily, unlike last June, the weather has been warm and sunny, with just enough rain. I stopped fussing over the tomatoes and let them blossom as they will — no pinching of early flowers in the name of bigger plants. Everything is growing fast and furious; the cucumbers and okra have taken off this weekend, too.

sugar crunch cukes
sugar crunch cucumbers, ready to vine … okra plants peeking out of the green pot in the foreground

Strangely, I have seen few bees, so I hope something comes around to pollinate soon.

How does your garden grow?

brandywine tomato
you can grow any tomato in a container ~
even an indeterminate heirloom like brandywine!
now just hoping for some fruit…



  1. Sonia said

    OMG! Linda, you have a lovely veg garden. I’m seeing garden mania everywhere. 😀

  2. mm said

    Great looking garden! Could use some honey bees here too…keep the picts coming. mm

  3. Happy Cook said

    I want to have your green fingers and your beautiful veggie garden.

  4. indosungod said

    Lovely! So true even the bumble bees which used to be in abundance are not many this time around! What gives?

  5. BongMom said

    Lovely garden Linda. I am amazed you did so much in the containers. The bunnies ate all our beans but the tomatoes are doing good.

  6. aparna said

    Just reminds me of LG is GBP 🙂 great work Keep it up!!

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