The Circle Game

dad, circa 1965

Was it only a week ago that I mentioned the best laid plans of mice and men?
Here we go again!

Oh, I was so happy to be back blogging, to have the time that I enjoy devoting to posting and visiting and cooking etcetc… now I’m “captive on the carousel of time”. Hopefully this break won’t last long.

Over the holiday weekend, I was helping the kids clean out their rooms.
One item I couldn’t sell (aka give away to some other family member!) was a cd by Joni Mitchell.

Now there’s one song from that disc that I can’t get out of my mind.
Do you know it?


excerpt from Circle Game
by Joni Mitchell

Yesterday, a child came out to wander
Caught a dragonfly inside a jar
Fearful when the sky was full of thunder
And tearful at the falling of a star

And the seasons they go ’round and ’round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We’re captive on the carousel of time
We can’t return we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game…

Check out the PS22 Chorus and their rendition here.


Three weeks ago today, my son graduated college.
Today my daughter graduates high school.
Sadly, my dad is missing these milestones in his only grandkids’ lives.

Three months ago, my dad had open heart surgery. He was, at the time, two or three days from death’s door. That’s what the doctors told us, and we rejoiced at his second chance at life.

Three days ago, two days from coming home from rehab, my dad fell in the night… sustained a neck injury, and is now in a psychotic state due to the drugs that are hopefully keeping his spinal cord safe.

Yesterday I spent three hours at my dad’s bedside as he underwent dialysis.
I fed him tiny bits of banana so he wouldn’t choke, and kept him from hauling out of the bed.

Role reversal. Circle game.

Please get well Dad. I need you around awhile yet…
chasing the thunder from the storms of my life.

dad, circa 2008



  1. Happy Cook said

    I hope your dad will get well soon, my prayers for him. Few years back the Docs here said it was my MIL last days, but she is now healthy and leading a very normal life.
    Hugs to you and family.

  2. Nupur said

    Linda, this must be a tough time for you. I am thinking of you and sending healing thoughts to your Dad.

  3. Vani said

    Hope your dad gets better and soon! I’m praying for his speedy recovery. Hugs to you, Linda!

  4. Sra said

    Will be thinking of your Dad, Linda! I hope he recovers soon.

  5. indosungod said

    Linda, hopefully dad will recover soon. Must be very tough on you. Hang in there and hugs to you.

  6. Sonia said

    Dear Linda, I’ll pray to God for your Dad’s health. I really hope he will get well soon. Tight hugs Linda!

  7. Shyam said

    Dear Linda, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your dad to regain his health, and hope that you (and your children) will enjoy his company and his love for many many more years! Hugs, Shyam

  8. Asha said

    My prayers are with him and you too. It’s tough to see a parent hurt and suffering, just like to see our children go thru’ that too. Hope he recovers soon to see the kids or atleast congratulate them. Hugs to you Linda.

  9. Thank you all for your prayers, good vibes, and words of encouragement.

    I can’t express what that means to me.

    When I tell dad, I know he will be humbled to know that so many fantastic people are pulling for him 🙂

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