Just One Tiny Grain of Sand…

“Oh, the mud splattered victims
Have to pay out all along the ancient highway
Torn between half truth and victimisation
Fighting back with counter attacks…

It’s when that rough god goes riding
When the rough god goes gliding
And then rough god goes riding
Riding on in… ”

Van Morrison

Little by little, day by day, I am packing up my life here in anticipation of the new…

so many memories…

now the baby is 18…

how thankful I am, for the greatest joys in my life!

While the rough god may be riding now, I am anxious, excited,
and ready to meet that which is yet to come…

grab hold and jump! spring ice ledge on Lake Superior

And when you think you’ve got troubles, it’s good to look at that big picture — after all, as Van would say… “I’m just one tiny tiny grain of sand…”

“I have finally come to realise…
Child don’t do what I have done
Cut my nose to spite my face
Made my own odds ten thousand to one…

I saw the Empire slowly fade away
Tried to grasp it with my hand
Then I saw that it was not up to me
I’m just one tiny, tiny grain of sand…”

Van Morrison



  1. Happy Cook said

    Looks like you are findin indeed the best hidden treasures while packing. I sometimes find cards or drawings which my daughter made when she was little inbetween my cooking books 🙂
    Enjoy the packing.

  2. Nupur said

    When do you move, Linda? This is so exciting! And your daughter is simply gorgeous.

  3. Shyam said

    Lovely lines! But are you moving, Linda? Where to?

  4. Asha said

    Beautiful thoughts of Van Morrison, we have his albums, quite a few! 🙂

    We are all grains of sand in the vast Universe indeed. These kids! why do they have to grow up so fast and leave us? Not fair! I am sure you will miss them as I am missing my girl. Son is in 9th grade, I have 3 more years with him. Then I will be all alone. NOT FAIR!!!!

    Enjoy your kids, they look healthy and happy. That’s all we need as moms. Hugs to you. Hope you find more gems from kids like that while sorting out all that. Good luck and best wishes to your kids.

  5. indosungod said

    Linda, the sweet (go off to your lovely beach and lake) and the bitter (kids grow wings and fly away). Good Luck.

  6. Sra said

    Nice post, Linda! Glad you’re unearthing all those treasures.

  7. Looking back at kids makes us feel the joy they got in to our lives. Your daughter looks cute Linda.

  8. mallugirl said

    u are moving to michigan, Linda? when? Kids growing up is both sweet and kind of saddening.:)) beautiful kids!!

  9. Bong Mom said

    Your kids have grown up so beautifully Linda. You must be proud and happy, yet sad. At least you have a dream place to go back to

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