Farmer’s Market

O joy, O happy day!

We have a new farmer’s market, and I finally got to visit it this morning.
Compared with larger communities, I’m sure it’s small; for my neck of the woods, it’s fabulous.

There were only a few stands with veggies. Other offerings included fresh flowers, fresh baked goods, fresh fish and seafood, fresh *pet* food, and artisan cheeses.

I bought a log of Westfield Farm classic blue chevre.

My favorite vendor by far was Hmong Farms.

beautiful green and purple-red amaranth for “Click ~ Bi-colour” at Jugalbandi

and beautiful baby green pea tendrils for me!

produce from Hmong Farms

Closer to home, it begins to look more like summer in the deck-garden…

tomatoes on the deck

and the beans and ridge gourd are starting to climb.

long beans and ridge gourd

This is one of my favorite parts of the garden — watching the little climbing vines reach out and take hold!


And now it’s time to find something to do with the pea tendrils 🙂



  1. bee said

    you lucky gal!!! that looks like a great farmer’s market. and your plants seem to love the weather.

  2. Nupur said

    Those greens look crisp and lush! The pea tendrils are adorable, I love their curls and ringlets.
    So what did you make with these? A big tasty salad? Or atop a light pasta?

  3. Mamatha said

    Linda, I saw your comment on Indira’s about making adais w/o rice. Absolutely! Infact, I made it with y’day w/ a mixture of channa, urad, masoor and moong dals and it turned out really good. Adai is such a forgiving recipe that I don’t even bother w/ the proportions anymore. I just thrown in the dals together and soak them in water before going to work. I grind them in the blender after I come back in the evening and the batter is good to go.

  4. Cynthia said


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  6. mandira said

    Wow, you have fresh seafood in the farmer’s market. That’s amazing! And your plants look happy and healthy. 🙂

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