What Would You Do…

with this…?

53 grams of feathery piping plover among a ton of Lake Superior agates
(the agates are just waiting to be found!)

with this?

half a pound of pungent peeled garlic cloves

with this…

colorful dals
half a pound of colorful washed moong, masoor, and val dals

or with these…

furry felines
thirty-three and a half pounds of furry felines sleeping cosily on Thanksgiving

What would you do if you were invited to a very special occasion — Nritya Nipuna no less — with a birthday party to follow?

I have been invited to this special celebration and I humbly ask for your advice 🙂

What would you wear?

What would you bring for the birthday kids (there are two — a boy and girl)?
Is there a gift of special significance for sixteen-year-olds?

Would you bring some food along with the gifts; would that be welcome?
The party is to be held at a local school.

What would you do, if you were me?

monarch at lake michigan

Thank you in advance 🙂



  1. indosungod said

    Linda, I know exactly what I would do with the garlic and dals but the Nritya Nipuna is a different story altogether. Usually for these functions we wear Indian clothes like a Saree or a Churidar. If you have any Indian clothese this is your chance to show them off. As far as I know, sixteen is usually not a milestone that has a special celebration.

  2. Srivalli said

    Linda..its been a while..hope you are doing good!…that function sounds exciting..as Indo said, we wear indian outfit..:)…and of course with those garlic and dals..you are known to make great dals right..:)…

  3. Happy Cook said

    Yeah i totally agree with both of them, i would wear Indian sair or salwar ( mostly salwar as it ismore comfortable)
    My daughter is sixteen i think you too have a teengae daughter, when i go to a family friend andif they have a teenage daughter, i buy mostly earing or chains etc….. from the shop were my daughter buys for her.
    Normaly they are not expensive, the earings cost from 4€ and i buy few oof them as they can have a variety to change.

  4. sharmi said

    Hi Linda, how have you been? after long time here. Did you decide on what to wear? or is the party over…

  5. sra said

    Happy New Year, Linda!

  6. mandira said

    combine the lentil and garlic for delicious soup 🙂 gorgeous pics Linda.
    happy new year to you and your family Linda! Looking forward to many delicious posts in 2009

  7. indosungod said

    Happy New Year! dear Linda.

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