Hmm… It’s About Time!!


seeds of the delectable drumstick!

How long has it been since I posted that mystery photo — days, weeks, months?

Fall is flying by fast and furious; it seems I hardly have time to take a breath.
There was the flurry of school starting — you know how that goes. Then my favorite (and only) aunt turned 75 — there was a huge gathering for that at my cousin’s home and I had the chance to catch up with lots of family I haven’t seen in a long while. Shortly therafter was a weekend in NY to visit the newly-installed-in-college-boyfriend (ok, I spoil my daughter!).

Next up, the annual walk for JDRF — always a big hit. Meg recruited a big bunch of friends for a great cause. My son Michael brought his friend Peter up from school to help me shepherd them all over Boston on train and subway. Mike is busy in the honors program this year, and has been invited to tutor underclassmen.
I am one proud mama with my two babies nearly grown πŸ™‚

Late in August I started with a new company in the midst of their busiest season, and suddenly I wonder whether I really *had* a job the past 6 years. Now I am exhausted when I get home from work, but the commute is shorter and it’s good to be busy again.

Finally I have a weekend (mostly) to myself where I can play catch-up, and blogging is at the top of the list.

The garden is about done, but I still have a tiny stash of bell and poblano peppers to pick later this weekend.

Every time I go to pull the tomato vines, there are blossoms and new growth. In spite of autumn’s chilly nights, today I had enough green to make a batch of picalilli, or at least start one. It’s really more of a mixed pickle relish — an old New England concoction. Tomatoes red and green, peppers sweet and hot, onion, cabbage and cauliflower — all ground coarsely and salted overnight, then cooked with vinegar, sugar and spices. If it turns out well I will post a recipe — and I won’t wait six weeks to do so! πŸ˜‰

It was a fun garden year with lots of lessons learned.

What I will miss most is the amazing, season-long harvest of real-deal brinjals.
I had the most beautiful assortment of eggplant this year, thanks to the never-ending generosity of my dear friend ISG — now my garden fairy as well as my kitchen fairy πŸ™‚

Thank you *so* much, ISG!!! :):)

Not only that, but ISG also sent me a bag of scrumptious (and addictive!)
Tangy Tomato Banana Chips from Haldiram’s! Hard to believe I didn’t eat the whole thing in one sitting. There was also a big container of Gulab Jamun in the package.
My dad’s 75th birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year, so I am saving them for that special occasion πŸ™‚

How lucky am I? As they say in New England — “wicked lucky” πŸ˜‰


What follows is an assortment of pics taken over the past couple of months.

In the brinjal section I have only photos of the plants and fruit. I don’t have one of a finished dish –mostly because I gobbled them up before I could think to get the camera.

I hope everyone is doing fine — once this post goes up it’s time for some serious blog-hopping!

bell peppers and an eggplant

pasta salad with shrimp, feta cheese and gardenfresh michigan cucumbers ~ greek olives and whole wheat naan on the side

a garter snake hiding beneath tomatoes

juvenile swan at seney nwr, august 2008

an eye agate

a candy agate

a tube agate

brinjal plants in bloom ~ thank you, ISG!!

pretty pale purple brinjal blossom

fruit on the brinjal vine ~ courtesy ISG!

the yummy brinjals!

swiss chard…

and aloo paratha made with chard in the dough

jalfrezi with lowfat paneer and my own bell peppers!

mike and his friend peter bringing up the rear at the jdrf walk — a beautiful day to stroll around the Charles River!

the scene at the esplanade on walk day

every year a live band entertains the walkers… this year meg’s group caught their attention with their enthusiasm and impromptu dance ~ they were invited up on stage for the last song ~ at the famous Hatch Shell where the Boston Pops play ~ what a thrill! (meg in braids…)

mike, the honors scholar ~ he’d KILL me if he knew I was posting this! πŸ˜‰

one last summertime shot ~ honeybees aren’t gone yet ~ cornflowers in northern michigan



  1. indosungod said

    Green waves of beautiful lettuce? πŸ™‚

  2. mandira said

    Linda, so good to see you back πŸ™‚ the tomato chutney looks delicious and I love the UP pictures too! Looking forward to your posts.

  3. Saroja said

    Hii Linda,

    Hope you are doing great. I have chosen you for “wylde woman award”. Congrats πŸ™‚

    Here is the link –

    Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚


  4. Menu Today said

    Hi Linda,
    Nice to see your comment.. Thanks.. I never seen yellow tomato. Good treat for eyes. Good recipe of Tomato Chutney. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cynthia said

    No words are necessary, indeed.

  6. Shyam said

    wot dat? πŸ™‚

  7. indosungod said

    Drumstick seeds πŸ™‚ hmmm! no way I’d figure that out.
    Linda, that is a lot of praise. It truly is my pleasure. Aren’t them brinjals cute? I have noticed lot of buds and flowers lately, wonder if they would go till Nov.

    The snake does look cozy but not too fond on them , I had one curled up near the garden hose and I almost mistook it for the hose.

    Love those bell peppers as well. I am going to miss the garden like crazy during Fall and Winter.

  8. mallugirl said

    looks like u have been busy!!the photo of th esnake really gave me shiver me timbers!

  9. mandira said

    Looks like you have been busy Linda, love all the pictures too and those chard parathas look delicious. πŸ™‚

  10. Asha said

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and family, Linda. Have a wonderful time there. Hugs to you! :))

    Love this post, feast for the eyes.

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