Spring Mini-Break and Michigan Dreaming

I am taking a brief break for my daughter’s play week and also to try and resolve my computer problems. I will be back with surprises from near and far… I have been the lucky recipient of several surprise packages lately and I can’t wait to show!

Now that I can upload photos again, at least from work, I will leave you with some of my favorite Michigan photos. My wandering foot is itching for the end of May and a trip home πŸ™‚

Enjoy the lovely spring weather and I’ll be back soon!


wagner falls
wagner falls near munising

taq falls
tahquamenon falls near paradise

stormy lake superior
summer storm brewing on the big lake

lighthouse at old mission point ~ traverse city

goldenrod near lake michigan

ore boat in the st. clair river

rapid river
rapid river in antrim county

au sable river
the beautiful au sable river near oscoda


  1. Asha said

    Have a wonderful time and happy Mother’s day to you. Enjoy!

    Trisha has 5 AP exams this week and next, so no plans to go anywhere until she is done. See you when you come back. Hugs to you!:)

  2. mandira said

    enjoy the break and the play Linda… and what do I hear… trip to Michigan.. keep me posted!

  3. indosungod said

    Beautiful pictures. Love the waterful. Have a great vacation Linda! Take it easy with the dramatics πŸ™‚ Good luck to D.

  4. Sandeepa said

    have fun.hey you might meet mandira it seems πŸ™‚

  5. Srivalli said

    Have a great time dear linda..hope to see you back with lot of those fun pictures!

  6. sra said

    Have a good time!

  7. Jyothsna said

    Have fun on your break!

  8. Aparna said

    These pictures are truly lovely. Enjoy your break, can see you’re looking forward to it.

  9. Pelicano said

    Yeah…that’s the big pond alright! πŸ™‚ Amazing how big the waves get during a storm eh? But you can’t go posting pics of goldenrod yet m’dear! Those are the herald of the END of summer…beautiful, but sad flowers because when I see them blooming I know that summer is bidding me adieu. 😦

    However, they do make a lovely tea! πŸ™‚

    And I think they can be used for a natural dye….not to compete with haldi of course. πŸ˜‰

  10. lovely pictures! Enjoy your vacation! πŸ™‚

  11. Pritya said

    Hi…Treat to the eye…the last one if the river is so breathtaking…so lush so vibrant. Your comp problems seem to have been there for quite a while! I always feel handicapped whenever the comp gives way, which it does often…new viruses, new software problems…quite endless! Anyways, wish you a lovely vacation with the camera and mind clicking away :).

  12. Cynthia said

    Have a great time and come back soon!

  13. mallugirl said

    have a great vacation!!

  14. Siri said

    Lovely photos Linda. Have a great time and Happy vacation. can’t wait to see what you would come up with..:D


  15. Pritya said

    Dear Linda
    Kindly click on the link below. There is something for you there, a way to express our appreciation.


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