1. Asha said

    Aapams!!! Did you make them? YAY!!!

  2. vimmi said

    is it rava dosa

  3. Uma said

    Hmmmm. Could somebody tell me what is it? Looks so lovely! I am definitely checking back to see what is that!

  4. indosungod said

    Surface of the moon? 🙂
    Butter milk?

  5. Mythreyee said

    It’s definitely aappam.

  6. You are all so much fun! Thanks for playing.

    ISG — surface of the moon! I love it! 😉

    Asha, you’re so quick and so right!

    You too, Mythreyee 🙂

    Vimmi, I wish I could make a dosa look like that!

    And Uma, thanks for your kind words… it’s palappam 🙂

    ~~ Linda

  7. Siri said

    hmmmmmmmmmm Linda.. Palappam looks so crispy..:))


    Hi Siri, I didn’t let them brown much but the edges were crispy, yes! 🙂 Thanks!

  8. Jayashree said

    I was going to say bubbles….:-))
    Palappam looks white and crisp….

    Thanks Jayashree — I thought that pic looked like bubbles too 🙂

  9. sia said

    u made appam???? u did what????

    Oh Sia! LOL

  10. vineela said

    Hi LINDA,
    Never tried appam and estu
    .love to try this .my mother in law adds grated coconut to appam .Love that perfect shape.
    thanks for sharing

    Hi Vineela, and thank you! I’m sure these would be beautiful coming from your kitchen! I saw lots of recipes with grated coconut too — will try that way sometime 🙂

  11. masalamagic said

    Linda dear – u must have been an Indian in your previous birth ! (If u believe in that!) Look at u – amazing – beautiful appams! And to bring it all together with eshtu! Awesome… wish u lived closer ~sigh~

    You’re so sweet, Latha! Sure, I believe in previous births 🙂 The palappam was so much easier than I hoped. Course I’m lucky to have all these wonderful recipes to follow! I wish the same… we would have lots of fun chatting and cooking together 🙂

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