Kadaisal, The Little Masher and Sumeet, The New Mixie

It could almost be the title of a children’s book:

“Once upon a time, there was a lovely wooden mathu — masher — named Kadaisal. Kadaisal the Mathu was a humble, traditional utensil. Sometimes she felt inferior to the fancier, newer machines suddenly available in trendy “Y2K” shops. What she didn’t realise was that with her classic beauty, she was most precious to all who knew her. With her graceful shape, she made joyous ease of mashing the yummy dals and veggies cooked in her kitchen. When one day she joined a collection of strange kitchen tools, she was scared. Perhaps she wouldn’t fit in.
She rested, (somewhat) timidly, on the (somewhat) cluttered countertop, wondering what would become of her in this new kitchen far from home.
(She didn’t know she was already at home in her *new* home!).

Soon after, Sumeet the Mixie moved in, unannounced, yet also welcomed.
Sumeet was much bigger of course, newer, and showing off — making all sorts of noise, taking over the counter, where little Kadaisal needed only a tiny spot. Sumeet and his siblings, the extra blades and jars, needed a great deal more space and often some earplugs for the user to wear.

Poor Kadaisal, already growing happy in her new home, soon thought her useful days were over.

It took only one batch of ISG’s mashed brinjal to prove her wrong. The bigger and shinier Sumeet could turn out amazing powders and silky smooth chutneys, and for that he was most appreciated! Still, that could not compare with the delicacy of Kadaisal’s traditional touch.

Kadaisal was reassured. Confidently she took up residence among the other wooden spoons in the pottery crock near the stove… awaiting her next turn in a pot of dal or brinjal… ”


One such Sumeet traveled all the way from India to Massachusetts via Canada, thanks to my secret santa 🙂 He rests comfortably waiting for the tough grinding jobs that need doing! Bring on the idlis!

One such mathu traveled all the way from India to Massachusetts in search of a happy new home, all thanks to dearest ISG who takes such good and generous care of my humble Indian kitchen! 🙂

Oh, and in case you wondered ~~ they both lived happily ever after, content to live side-by-side on the (somewhat) cluttered countertop, doing their unique work 🙂


OK, so that was a little bit of a silly tale, but my sincere sentiment was behind it and my most humble thanks go out to dearest Secret Santa and ISG 🙂

I’ve been away from the blogs too long — I promise to get around to visit soon.
I miss you all! Alot has happened since New Year’s Day. I was sick for a time with sinus problems (see ISG’s kollu paruppu rasam for a good remedy!) and then the kids’ vacations were upon me.

*begin bragging mom section*

My son made high honors with straight A’s for first term of sophomore year in college, and my daughter was chosen for a part in a very small cast of a Holocaust play at her high school — they’re keeping me busy lately, but happily so.

*end bragging mom section*

Another very happy thing is, I went for a little vacation to Michigan ~ always too short! 🙂 Still another is, I have a new camera, and I haven’t learned to use it very well yet — so my photos here are a bit poor. However, I have cooked some yummy things with the new Sumeet and the new Mathu.

Here are a few…

mythreyee’s hubby’s ridge gourd chutney
Mythreyee’s hubby’s Ridge Gourd Peppercorn Chutney
Made exactly according to their recipe with a little garlic added ~
do try, ’cause it’s *delicious*

ISG’s kollu chutney and rasam
ISG’s kollu paruppu chutney and rasam have healing powers indeed!
After days of totally blocked sinuses and no aromas, I can finally smell again.
And oh, the taste!
I used fresh tamarind water and it was excellent. I couldn’t stop eating the rasam.


And let’s not forget Little Kadaisal, who made me this lovely kathrikkai kadaisal with just a few graceful swishes 🙂

kathrikkai kadaisal from ISG’s Daily Musings
kathrikkai kadaisal, made in the traditional way ~ thank you ISG!


A few snow-shots with the new camera. I am still learning 🙂

snowy woods out back
snowy woods in the backyard… about two thirds of the way down, on the right, you can barely see the deer tracks in the faint, shrouded moonlight…

deer tracks close up
deer tracks in brighter light ~ leading from my driveway up through neighbor’s yard to the woods out back

moon in hazy winter night sky
the winter moon in a haze, far above the swamp maple out back…


  1. Suganya said

    Oh oh! Mathu.. I want one, I want one. This is the best tool to mash cooked greens. The greens retain their texture without turning to look like an algae blob. You are so lucky, Linda. Next time I would get this from India too.

    I cannot tell a lie, Suganya. I am lucky. The mathu is a real treasure to me — so is seeing you! 🙂

  2. sra said

    Ah, you’re back! Just checked your blog yesterday. Nice snow pix.

    Thanks Sra — now have to get time to go around to everyone’s site and catch up! 🙂

  3. Srivalli said

    Oh great you got one mathu too..now you are becoming more indianised than anybody around…all the dishes are looking good..I am sure you have lined up many of those mixie dishes now!…my my you will be so busy!

    Hi Srivalli, I’m glad you liked the dishes. Mixie sure makes short work of grinding! It’s like magic to me 🙂

  4. mm said

    This “tale” is your best work yet, Linda. Thank You for posting this enjoyable read….you truly have the gift that was passed on to you. Great to see that you are making your own way in the written word…mm

    Thanks mm… I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

  5. sia said

    what a beautiful post linda… ur love for both mathu and sumeet is very well described and i felt like a kid reading some fairytale:) they lived happily ever after…. he he he…

    That’s what the title reminded me of, Sia — a fairy tale 😉 Glad you liked it 🙂

  6. Jayashree said

    The tale was a nice read…..a mathu is indeed indispensable despite being an age old tool.

    Thanks Jayashree — I’m glad you enjoyed. I like to collect (and use) traditional kitchen tools — the lovely mathu is indeed a wonderful addition to those 🙂

  7. Nupur said

    Congratulations on the new arrival 😉 May your Sumeet have a long and happy life! You are now the proud mommy of a certified Indian kitchen 😀
    And kudos to your son and daughter! You have every reason to be proud and happy.

    Oh, I may indeed be certifiable, Nupur! 😉 Both these new arrivals have been bundles of joy, for sure. Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend!

  8. indosungod said

    Linda, LOL. Absolutely loved the narration on behalf of the humble mathu. Mathu and Sumeet will be well cared for in your kitchen. Cheers to daughter and son, they sure made mom proud.

    The kollu chutney and rasam do magic don’t they. Looks delicious.

    Thank you so much again, ISG, for everything! The mathu is fast becoming my favorite kitchen helper. That kollu rasam is also a new favorite 🙂

  9. Asha said

    Mathu is new to me too but looks like meat pounder and potato masher to me I have but in steel.

    Great post, so glad to hear about your son. Congratulate him from me! Nothing makes a parent prouder than that! I am happy for the M too! :))

    As you know, I have been going thru’ “detox” and will be back. Have a great weekend and take your time. We had 1″ snow yesterday, schools were out for that! Tomorrow, it’s going to snow about 2″ , most NC peeps are going to be in the ditches along with their “TRUCKS”!:D

    These people panic if there is a tiny bit of ice on roads, causing numerous accidents! We went thru’ Blizzard in Minneapolis in 1995,compared to that this is NOTHING!!:D

    Ha ha, Asha — love that story about an inch of snow snarling traffic. I’ve seen a few blizzards here too — so we both know what real snowfall is! 😉 Hope you’re enjoying a nice relaxing weekend — will pass on your kind words to the kids, too, thanks! 🙂

  10. richa said

    hey, nice to see ya back 🙂 do let us know @ ur various experiments with the humble one 😉
    congrats to the kids!

    Thanks Richa! 🙂 Lots of fun to have the new “humble” mathu, yes 🙂

  11. Shankari said

    Mathu – wow and U used it. We have so many gadgets at home, but do we put it touse..hmmm good question for myself hehe
    Great job linda

    I often have the same problem Shankari — so many gadgets and so little time!! 😉

  12. Manasi said

    I love stories with a ‘happily ever after’ !! A BIG pat on the back to ur Son & Daughter!!
    Nice pictures, Linda.. The new camera sure seems cool!!!

    Thanks so much Manasi — and I’m glad you enjoyed the pics 🙂

  13. Pooja said

    Happily ever after is the kind of stories i like . Some how stories with sad end, makes me feel miserable, lately I avoid to read such books .
    I am happy to read your Happy story here :)).
    Congratulations of your Son .
    Pictures are fabulous, as if caught from some old photo frame… jsut next to real…thanks for sharing Linda.

    Thank you for your kind words Pooja — I’m so happy you enjoyed the ‘tale’ and the pics. I don’t like sad endings, myself 🙂

  14. vimmi said

    Such a funny narration. I also got tha panasonic mixer from india. love it

    Thanks Vimmi 🙂 Now that I have this mixie I don’t know what I did without it 🙂

  15. Mansi said

    This is one entertaining post Linda:) looks like you are having all the fun!! Sumeet is bringing you loads of joy, that’s good:)

    Lots of joy for sure, Mansi, from new and old-fashioned gadgets! Glad you enjoyed — thanks 🙂

  16. Deepa said

    Awesome pic of the snow!!! Still more to see from your new camera ….great going lady!!!

    Thank you Deepa! I have lots to learn with the new camera! Have a great weekend 🙂

  17. Vani said

    Hey, congrats on the kids doing well! Loved your kadaisal/Sumeet mixer story ( btw, I have not seen a masher like that before!).

    Hi Vani and thank you! Glad you liked the story — I had only seen the kadaisal on ISG’s blog, too. Hope you’re having a nice weekend 🙂

  18. mandira said

    Linda, you are back and what a comeback. Looks like you have been busy 🙂 Glad that you are feeling better 🙂 Love the hazy moon pic!

    Thanks, Mandira, it’s nice to be back 🙂 I think I was visiting your blog at the same time you were here! Must be that Michigan-minded thing 😉 Hope you’re doing well!

  19. sagari said

    nice pics linda and yummy food too enjoyed while reading your post

    Thank you so much, Sagari! 🙂

  20. Priya said

    Hi Linda,

    The recipes are awesome and mouth watering. I would like to be added to your blogroll (http://365daysveg.wordpress.com/). I am still a budding cook unlike you.

    You dishes rock!

    Hi Priya, that’s so sweet of you to say — I’m happy if you enjoyed! Cooking is a never-ending learning experience for most of us, I think! 🙂

  21. krithika ramachandran said

    Thank you for the new year wishes ! you never fail to amaze me. Sumeet and Mathu in yr kitchen ? My kitchen has neither.
    Congratulations to you and your kids !

    Hi Krithika, so happy to see you here! They were both gifts, my kitchen treasures, so I am pretty lucky I guess 🙂 Thanks for stopping and for your kind words. Hope you’re doing well! 🙂

  22. sia said

    linda darling, its been some time since u posted some amazing creations in ur blog. hope all is well 🙂

    Hello Sia, sweetie 🙂 I’ve been in a wee bit of blogging rut, but am on the road to recovery now 🙂 Thanks for stopping 🙂

  23. […] the room. Included with this new storage area will be a shelf, sized perfectly to accommodate the mixie in its box […]

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