Jihva for Chocolate and Winter in Michigan

I must be getting old. I took a few days away at the end of December — came down with a bit of a cold, and now here it’s January 5 and I am still not caught up with the New Year!

Happily, I am able to make it to Jihva for Chocolate by the skin of my teeth. I’m sorry, Deepz, for the very late entry — so glad you extended that deadline 🙂

When I was a girl, my great-aunt used to make these “cookies” for my sister and me. She always used Nestle butterscotch morsels. I remember this in large part not only because they tasted so good, but because we kids, at such a young age, could help. Nowadays with the microwave, it’s an even better recipe for young ones. They can do most everything themselves with only a watchful eye on the micro to be sure the morsels don’t scorch.

I found chocolate-caramel morsels in the store today, so decided to try those. My daughter took one taste and promptly carried the whole batch off to a gathering of her friends this eve, so I guess the recipe stood the test of time 😉

No-Bake Chocolate-Caramel Krinkles
makes about 16-20 snacks

1 10-12 oz bag Nestle chocolate-caramel morsels
1/3 c peanut butter
3 c corn flakes cereal

choc caramel morsels and pb
choc-caramel morsels and peanut butter ready to microwave

In a large bowl, microwave the morsels and peanut butter on half power, about 2 minutes — check after the first minute as microwaves vary. Stir until smooth. Mix in the corn flakes. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto wax paper.

Let stand until hardened — about 30-45 min.

Good luck keeping them around with kids in the house 🙂

Chocolate-Caramel Krinkles
Easy No-Bake Chocolate-Caramel Krinkles

Thanks Deepz, for choosing this yummy ingredient and bringing back some sweet memories 🙂


My Michigan trip was far too short this time. Winter beggars can’t be choosers however — I’ll take a couple of days up north, any day. Still homesick 🙂

pileated woodpecker
pileated woodpecker ~ for perspective, this bird is large as a crow

icy fence at Holland, MI
ice hanging from a fence at Holland, MI

lake michigan sunset
snow-covered sand dunes, under the muted colors of a wintry sunset over Lake Michigan



  1. Aparna said

    Just my kind of recipe. Chocolate and easy to make. Will keep this in mind to try out.

    Hi Aparna, glad you liked this simple easy recipe (my kind, too!) 🙂

  2. MenuToday said

    Hi Linda,
    Happy new year to you and to your family members.
    Nice entry for this event.
    I was so busy with some work and our son visited us.
    Take care of your health…

    Hi MT, thanks for passing by 🙂 Happy New Year to you and how wonderful you had a lovely visit! 🙂

  3. sra said

    Love that woodpecker, Linda, a v nice photo!

    Thanks sra — they are pretty amazing to see so I was lucky to catch it! 🙂

  4. jaya said

    lovely pics of snow and yum recipe for chocolates .sure gonna try no bake fudges….
    hugs and smiles

    Hi Jaya, so happy you visited! I am usually around more often so do come back 🙂

  5. bhags said

    the pics and chocolate crinkles make a combo…one treat for the eyes and the other treat for the tongue….

    Thanks, bhags! If you get a chance try the crinkles as they are intended, with butterscotch chips. Totally unhealthy but we all need a taste of that now and again yes? 🙂

  6. Super dish and super snaps

    Thank you EC! Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  7. Jayashree said

    Happy New Year, Linda……

    Thank you and Happy New Year to you dear Jayashree 🙂

  8. mandira said

    delicious the pics and the recipe Linda… I love coming by just to catch glimpses of Michigan I haven’t seen yet 🙂 Glad you had a good time!

    Love when you stop by, Mandira! I hope 2008 will be the year I finally get to meet you 🙂

  9. Namratha said

    The chocolate krinkles look delicious Linda, the thought of butterscotch has me drooling now!! Winter pics are awesome 🙂

    Thanks so much Namratha — the butterscotch ones really *are* great, too 🙂

  10. Asha said

    Happy Monday to you Linda! I kept my word and didn’t surf on the weekend! YAY!!
    Chocolate morsels make a great after school snack for kids.

    Brrr…! It’s cold there with loads of snow too. We had bitter cold for 4 days and it’s inthe upper 50s now. Lot better!:)

    Asha dear, you did SO well! I am really proud of you!!! 😉

    Best about these ‘cookies’ is kids can even make them alone — and they do have cereal — half healthy? 😉 Hope you’re weathering Januray ok. I have to get back on my visits and will be over to FH soon! 🙂

  11. Nupur said

    How completely easy and tasty! I can imagine the crunch of the cereal and the lovely caramel-chocolate taste. I have to keep this recipe in mind fir impromptu treats!

    Nupur, you always have the perfect sweet thing to say 🙂 thank you! 🙂

  12. Nice blog. Came for the first time and loved it. Greetings from Botswana to you.

    Dear Anamika, I’m so glad you visited and enjoyed my little blog-home, and so sorry you came when I was not able to answer you sooner! I will be by to visit you, and sending you best wishes from Massachusetts 🙂

  13. Cynthia said

    Those are some beautiful winter pictures.

    Thank you Cynthia 🙂

  14. Suganya said

    Beautiful pics, Linda. Those morsels are to die for.

    You are generous in that comment, Suganya, thanks! My photos are not to die for like yours 😉

    Try the ‘cookies’ with butterscotch, trust me 🙂

  15. Mamatha said

    What an easy and yummy recipe Linda – thanks! Do you think this recipe would work with granola, since that’s all I have, as cereals go, at home now?

    Hello Mamatha, and I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to answer you sooner. I am sure these would work with granola or any cereal/grain you have in mind, as long as it’s ready-to-eat 🙂 Thank you for your kind comment! 🙂

  16. sagari said

    lovely krinklrs lindhaand beautifulll pics

    Thank you Sagari, dear 🙂

  17. swaroopa said

    cool recipe!! will give it a try…happy new yr, dear.

    Happy New Year to you, Swaroopa! Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

  18. Laavanya said

    Happy New year Linda. Sorry I missed a few posts of yours. Just looking at those pictures makes me feel cold.

    Dear Laavanya, Happy New Year to you too! I have missed alot of posts lately — it’s ok! Will see you soon 🙂

  19. vivnidhi said

    I am going to try these tomorrow as they see so easy and delicious. Great recipe! Thanks Linda.
    Some beautiful pics of Holland……..I wouldn’t venture to the lake in this cold. Where is all the snow now though ? :)).

    Dear Vivnidhi, I’m sure you have more snow in Holland now yes? 🙂

    It was my first time down there and only got to the lighthouse. Next time, the windmills 🙂 Happy New Year dear 🙂

  20. Lera said

    heyyyy Linda Dear how are you doin? ….Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year 2008! Warmest greetings and best wishes to you and your family :))

    Awesome pictures!! been a long long time since I got to Blog hop,I have been extremely bzy with my life, I am missing out on Blogging, hope to catch up some day soon.

    Oh Lera, you made my whole DAY week maybe even month! 🙂 So SO glad to see you! I am coming right along to see if you posted WHY in your blog. I hope it’s all happy 🙂

    And Happy New Year to you and your family, dear Lera! 🙂

  21. Shankari said

    Such beutiful pictures!

    Thanks so much, Shankari! Happy New Year to you and your family. Are you posting more cooking vids so I can learn some more? 😉

  22. sia said

    happy new year linda darling although little belated. been busy with workload and didn’t get time to peep into ur blog. hope to get some free time soon and go through ur blog in leisure 🙂

    Happy New Year to you dear Sia, and to your family 🙂 I understand busy, it’s ok! I have been the same. Hope you had a wonderful holiday visit! 🙂

  23. Pooja said

    Hi Linda,
    Happy New year to you .
    This is my first time visit to your blog, and I really felt that where was I ? why didnt I landed here before?
    your blog is full od indian dishes around, Asha said it truely, you are “official Inidian ” now .
    I must say that I loved your photography too. keep sharing more….
    Stay tuned…

    Dear Pooja, I am honored and so happy you stopped to take a peek here! Hope you’ll come back often 🙂

    All the best from Massachusetts,


  24. indosungod said

    Linda, how are you doing? Have not seen you around lately. Hope you are recovered from the cold and just been busy.

    Dearest ISG — I think your comment was just what I needed to get me pushed back to reality. Will email you soon.

    Hope all’s well there 🙂

    PS — have not forgotten the little holiday gift I have for you and the kids!


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