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Santa Arrives Early

It’s holiday time and we celebrate a very informal Christmas around here.
Presents are arriving by the truckload (well ok, not a truckload left here,
but the truck BRINGS the presents, so that counts!). 😉

I have to hide presents from the kiddies, but for the *kitties*, presents via mail or UPS means awesome fun in the wrapping! Daisy loves brown paper.
Tonight I played with her using her fav toy, a feather on a string with a bell attached. I call it her jingle-mouse. Here she is, playing with it and a long roll of the brown wrapping paper.

daisy checking it out
daisy chasing jingle-mouse in the paper, just before it jumped out

daisy looking for her toy
daisy looking for her jingle-mouse… she hears it, but where did it go??

I’ll get you my pretty…
playful daisy jumping to get the jingle-mouse

brown paper is such fun!
chasing the jingle-mouse into the paper…
that paper makes such a neat noise, mom! 🙂


Santa came early to me too…. click on the pic to see what I got 🙂

my brand new mixie!
lucky me! a real mixie and idlies are just a flip of the switch away, now 🙂

fluffy and tasty kerala red rice idlies
thank you, santa! light and delicious red rice idlies and mixed veggie sambhar

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