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Winter Wonderland

We’ve had some snow this week! Last night’s batch had piled up pretty high by this morning, but mild temps this afternoon and evening produced this bubbly effect in the backyard tonight — reminds me of a pancake ready to be turned 😉

pancake snow
pancake snow in the backyard

One morning earlier this week, a great big buck deer wandered out of the little woods back there. I didn’t have the camera to capture him, but today there were some smaller creatures looking for a bite in the windy, sleety storm.

dark-eyed junco
dark-eyed junco ~ snowbird

chickadee sheltered in the arborvitae

keeping warm shelling a sunflower seed

Pass by Menu For Hope for a spot of the good feeling that comes from sharing with those in need 🙂

sleepy kitties
warmth and comfort in the midst of the storm

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