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Trial and Error, at Jihva Time

No, not Nabeela’s delightful blog! Just my own kitchen.

I am busy trying new things for JFI: Toor Dal. And between work and kids, I don’t have a minute to spare to clear off the counter and make a nice place for a photo.

Do you ever think you’re the only one with a slightly cluttered and not-quite-perfect countertop on which to photo your wonderful creations?

Considering some of the gorgeous kitchens out there, I may be the *only* one with a cluttered countertop! In the spirit of Jihva (which I understand is an emotion more than a motion ~~ ie: moving the mail and kids’ papers and yesterdays clean dishes waiting to be put away just so I can photo next toor dal dish is motion rather than Emotion! 🙂 )

… and perhaps encouragement to anyone who, like me, takes pics for fun can’t always clear the counter when the real food-mood inspiration strikes, here’s a look at my REAL counter, alot of which is cut off when I take pics for my blog 😉

my messy counter
my messy counter ~ complete with bananas, Thanksgiving silver yet to be relegated to the dining room ~ recipes hastily scribbled on index cards, and a big bag of toor dal, 10 lbs for $11, what a bargain!

Still time to post your toor dal recipe, something old or something new, something borrowed with credit given where credit is due 🙂
Deadline for entries to JFI: Toor Dal is December 7.

Come along and join in! 🙂

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