For The Birds

Special visitors!

pine siskin on thistle sock
You know it might be a great winter for birds when a pine siskin shows up
amongst your autumn goldfinches. The two are very similar in size, plumage,
and behavior; a siskin’s tell-tale streaking will give him away every time

thanksgiving day visitor
This little goldfinch was resting on the front steps, Thanksgiving Day.
He was likely stunned after mistakenly hitting a window.
Happily he recovered quickly and flew off.

pileated woodpecker

The magnificent and often elusive pileated woodpecker rarely ventures close enough for a glimpse, nevermind a photo. This juvenile was hungry enough to pose outside Traverse City, Michigan last August.

Ah, Michigan… summertime dreaming! 🙂


  1. indosungod said

    Linda, you are bird watcher eh? 🙂 I love watching birds but can’t tell one from the other. The one with the yellow plummage looks so very lovely when the flit from tree to tree. So they are gold finches!

    Hi ISG 🙂 Yep, they’re goldfinches! This little guy is in his more drab winter feathers. Come summer they’ll be bright yellow again. Have a great day! 🙂

  2. VegeYum said

    Very special indeed! Lovely pics

  3. padmaja said

    Hey those birds look amazing with that backdrop!!!
    Lovely pictures!!

  4. Asha said

    So beautiful! Good that they are enjoying their meal in this cold. You do have a great camera!:))

  5. Richa said

    how cute is that lil’ goldfinch 🙂 lovely pics, Linda!

  6. bindiya said

    Lovely Linda, these birds are a feast for the eyes!

  7. mandira said

    Linda, this is what I needed to cheer me up. Beautiful, no gorgeous!

  8. bee said

    we get the window crashers too. it’s heart wrenching. these birds are just beautiful.

  9. Rajitha said

    those birds look soo beautiful..i will keep a look out for these lil guys when i go for my walk

  10. Manasi said

    Beautiful pix!!!!

  11. Happy Cook said

    Beautiful pictures. Love the goldfinch picture
    I had send a mail to you with my entry for the toor dal JFI. Hope you got it.

  12. Beautiful pictures Linda. Loved the goldfinch and the smart woodpecker!

  13. I’m so happy you all enjoyed the little bird interlude! These guys do add interest to chilly wintry days 🙂


  14. mm said

    Enjoyed your birds…

    Thanks mm — that pileated is a sight isn’t he 🙂

  15. BillBolivia said

    How wonderful to find another birder (er, maybe, a birdwatcher) among the huge number of Indian food blogs!


    P.S. I’m a rank amateur with respect to Indian foods, having spent, for example, > 2 years trying to perfect my sambar (a life-long endeavor, I imagine)!

    Hi Bill, thanks for passing by 🙂 I do enjoy the birds, and sambhar too! There are so many variations I don’t think it’s necessary to perfect one… just keep on trying new versions and most likely after 2+ years, you’ve got a few original creations of your own as well! 🙂

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