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Sambhar With Nothing In It ~ And Why Not!

For this month’s Jihva, lovely word which I finally learned to pronounce correctly — thank you Indira!

toor dal and sambhar powder
best quality ~ toor dal and sambhar powder

I borrowed an idea from dear Latha’s grandmother.

She made goddu upma ~ “upma with nothing in it”.
It looked so easy and delicious. Why not goddu sambhar!?!

fresh seasonings
freshest seasonings

Wash a little toor dal and cook it up soft. Heat pure ghee and plenty of it.
Do the tadka with lively mustard and subtle cumin seeds, the mellow heat of kashmiri chiles, and the enticing aroma of fresh curry leaves.
Pour on the dal.

Sprinkle the most fragrant sambhar powder.
Maybe even make it fresh ~ just because you’re worth it!

Add pure cold water and a touch of salt… and simmer.

What you get is a nourishing comfort dish full of earthy flavor of toor dal
shining through the spices.

That, to me, is simply sublime.

goddu sambhar
goddu sambhar ~ sambhar with nothing in it!

Thank you ISG, for the fragrance of the sambhar powder that never disappoints, and thank you Latha, and your ammama, for the inspiration to savor beguiling sambhar, just as it is 🙂

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