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Hooray, It’s My Turn! JFI ~ December

rainy autumn day
toor dal in a Munising bowl ~ rainy autumn day

Things got unexpectedly crazy around here *again* late last week,
and I’ve been absent from my blog-rounds. Much catching up to do!

I’m also a little late but, better late than never… because…

Hooray! It’s my turn to host Jihva.

Like a little kid, I am very excited! The first blog event I ever took part in was Indira’s original Jihva For Mangoes, and oh, how hesitant and unsure I was!
New to blogging, new to Indian cooking, new to the whole *community*.

Timidly I emailed Indira, asking, was it ok for me to go along too?

Indira, I have never forgotten your kind encouragement from way back when;
nor others’ since. I’m glad of the chance to carry that spirit forward to anyone
who has newly discovered the fun of blogging.


Jihva for December

To quote Indira’s original post:

“Jihvā, the Sanskrit word means taste, desire and deep longing. . .”

Well, I couldn’t exactly have a Jihva for Michigan (where I so long to be!).
So I chose something else dear to my heart — an ingredient which,
when denied it too long, my taste buds rise up in protest to declare their desire.

I’m sure you’ve guessed.

You probably know.

It’s the unassuming

yet illustrious

Toor Dal!


In a way, this is something of an offshoot of the incomparable
“Jihva for Dals”, hosted by our own dear Sailaja back in July of 2006.
I consulted with the creator of Jihva herself, and received the OK
to zero in on one specific dal.

This holiday season, I am back-to-basics and appreciating the myriad simple pleasures life holds. One big pleasure is certainly the endless variety of delicious dishes that can be made with this most basic of ingredients.

This is my chance to pay tribute to authentic Indian cooking, for which I have an enduring love, and also to all of you, wonderful friends who have encouraged and taught me so much.

Showcase your easiest everyday dal, your fanciest koftas, or anything else that comes to mind. If you showcase your special sambhar I will really swoon! 😉

festive toor dal
toor dal in holiday dress

In other words, please send any of your favorite dishes with toor dal as a main ingredient. The only “rule” is to make it easy on yourself. Whatever you celebrate, festival season is upon us full force — we don’t want to make more work. If you posted a favorite toor dal recipe long time back, feel free to post it again. I’m sure many bloggers have not had time to read back into the archives of some of the more long-standing blogs — I know I surely haven’t — so if you’re lacking time, pull out something fabulous from the past and send it along.

Of course, if you create a new masterpiece, please send that as well!

Anything and everything Toor is most welcome!

To Participate in JFI: Toor Dal

Post your favorite recipe featuring toor dal as a main ingredient on your blog, anytime from now till December 7, 2007.

Email me at outofthegarden1911_at_
Please put JFI in the subject line, and include the following:

Your name

Your blog name

URL of your post

Photo of your entry
(preferably in 200 x 200 pixel, but I realise some programs
can’t do this — approximation is fine)

If you don’t have a blog but still wish to participate, email me your recipe and photos if you have them, and I will post for you.

The roundup of lovely toor dal dishes can be expected by mid-December.

From the simple and humble everyday to the inspired star-of-the-show, I look forward to reading and learning everything I never knew about toor dal.

Thank you for reading and indulging me, and above all, have FUN! 🙂


Don’t forget to send your entries to Vee of Past, Present, and Me
for the second half of Jihva Special Edition: The Festive Series,
deadline November 11 for Diwali treats!

UPDATE: JFI:Toor Dal — The Round Up Part 1 ~ A-M is now up here


The Round Up Part 2 ~ N-Z is now up here.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and made this toor dal party such fun for all!

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