hmmmmm…green tomato!



Well girls, Richa and Ruchii came right out and said it, but I’m sure Srivalli wasn’t the only other one who knew that the photo in question was part of a green tomato. Bee, Sandeepa, Neroli, Asha, ISG, et al, I am *sure* you knew that 🙂

Asha, a mocha latte would be delish about now!

Thanks everyone, for playing along with such fun guesses!
It’s tough to get something exotic enough to make a mystery around here!


  1. Richa said

    anatomy of a tomato 😉

  2. TBC said

    jackfruit? 😦

  3. bee said


  4. Siri said

    Choclate being poured in some milk or curd..:)

  5. ruchii said

    Looks like green tomato…….

  6. Srivalli said

    ahhhhhhhaaa!..I know..

  7. indosungod said

    looks nice, no clue 🙂

  8. Asha said

    Mocha Latte!! HeHe!! Enjoy!:)

  9. prema said

    no idea……….will wait

  10. neroli said

    I do so hope you fried the dear thing up 🙂 !

  11. Deepa said

    I can understand now how difficult is to guess the secret ingredent!!!!….Something related to sweet …..

  12. Seema said

    Some kind of custard……

  13. sandeepa said


  14. Inside of a Pear..??

  15. Padma said

    Those G tomatoes looks so colorful and vibrant. I am sure the pickle tasted great. Would love to try if I get hold of some green tomatoes from the groceries 😦 sadly I have not seen much here in North East. Hey I am not able to get ur feeds, I am subscribing now and let see I can be in touch with ur latest posts 🙂

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