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The Real Thing Revealed

brinjal sambhar
brinjal sambhar made according to ISG’s Drumstick Sambhar recipe

So what’s more precious than gold?

Revathi, Jyothsna and Richa get gold stars — it’s sambhar powder. Not just any sambhar powder though — Nupur and Sandeepa get an extra star for mentioning ISG’s recipe. And that’s not all it is!

A few days back ISG posted her family recipe for sambhar powder;
she said it was “specially for me”.
I was very happy and I sent her a note to say so.

ISG very kindly offered to send me some of the “real thing”. How could I refuse?!
I gratefully accepted thinking I would get a nice little packet to try. Imagine my surprise, and then my delight, when I found this *gigantic* bag-in-a-bag waiting for me last night!

sambhar powder from ISG
homemade sambhar powder from ISG and her ammayi!

When I wrote to thank her, I was surprised again to learn that not only is this ISG’s family recipe — it comes straight from India! Of course I had to open it and try some right away, so I made sambhar with eggplants I had in the fridge. I can’t wait to taste it with drumsticks. Now that I know what I’ve been missing, I’ll never go back to store-bought — this is total tastebud tantalization!!

So what’s more precious than gold? Homemade sambhar powder, for sure, but even more precious is the generosity of spirit that prompted a friend I have never met to share something so dear. As ISG said, “it’s a little bit of home and aroma all the way from there, with ammayi’s magic”. That is priceless.

This beautiful, silky-soft gift with the heavenly aroma will hold a special place in my home. Thank you, ISG, you are a sweetheart!! 🙂

more precious than gold…

more precious than gold… sambhar powder made by ISG’s grandmother

Speaking of things dear to the heart, I’m off to the lakes for a few days — hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

desolate beauty -- huron coast
lake huron coast in late winter

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