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I Can Has Muffins?

If you are a WordPress blogowner, you can’t open your dashboard for weeks without seeing this site at the top of the list.

It’s kind of a fun whimsy site with some cute kitty pics, but it’s the nonsensical name that catches my eye — makes me think I’m a kid again with the “I can has” bit… so, I can has muffins?

I can haz muffins?

I saw these banana pistachio muffins on Shammi’s wonderful blog,
Food In The Main. As I said in my comment at the time — I intended to make them as soon as I had some overripe bananas.

Of course I really wanted to make the muffins. It’s just that I don’t bake much. When I do, it tends to turn comical — often bordering on ludicrous.
Tonight was a perfect example.

I finally had some overripe bananas. Like Shammi, I hoarded them all weekend till I was home and able to use them for the muffins.
Oh, I was all set to go. I thought I would make the recipe exactly.
Let me just get the nuts…

I couldn’t find the pistachios. They weren’t in their usual place in the cupboard (for some reason I freeze peanuts and cashews, but pista. are usually in the cupboard… perhaps for easier snacking 😉 ). I pulled down all the dishes — maybe someone ate some and the bag fell behind…

I called my son — he’s so tall — and made him check the very top shelf. No pistachios. Ah well, I could substitute some other nut. Out of the freezer came the split cashews, and into a warm pan they went, to toast.

Then I thought, oh good, with cashews, I will add some sultanas.

Once again I checked the cupboard. I hadn’t noticed them while looking for pistachios, but that didn’t mean they weren’t there…

Sure enough, sultanas were nowhere to be found either. Back to the freezer and a little coconut went into the pan with the cashews. I added some ghee then, to enrich the toasted flavor. Then I thought, hmm… cashews and coconut… with cardamom this might turn out ok after all… so I added a few powdered cardamom seeds to the mix.

Fabulous! All ready to go.

I began to stir up the batter. Let’s see… first instruction: whip half the bananas with the brown sugar. BROWN SUGAR????!!!!!!???

I’m out of that.
Thank goodness I have jaggery.

You see what I mean — I wasn’t meant to bake 😉

So here I am with cardamom, cashew and coconut muffins instead of Shammi’s original banana-pistachio. Jaggery in place of brown sugar, and a little less oil than called for — yes, I was about out of oil, too.

All thanks and credit goes to you, Shammi, because #1 I never would have thought to make muffins without seeing your post, and #2, I used your recipe with just a couple of subs. out of dire necessity 🙂

the batter on left waiting for flour, soda and salt… on right, toasted cashew-coconut-cardamom wait with the reserved bananas

Even with the nuts my son gave the muffins two thumbs up.
And because this spices up our b’fast tomorrow, I am sending this off to dear Trupti for her turn with Nandita’s WBB.
It’s Episode #12 at The Spice Who Loved Me, thanks Trupti!

And thanks so much Shammi, for the great muffin recipe!

oh, it’s so good with melting butter…
hot from the oven — I guess I *can* has muffins 😉

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