Weekend Happenings

ingredients for lime pickle
fresh key limes, ground spices, sugar, salt, turmeric, fresh chiles and sliced garlic

Last summer, multi-talented Manisha made sun pickles. Pickle is one area of Indian cuisine I have not ventured into often — mostly because the store-bought varieties are usually packed in oil. I love most all sorts of pickles, but in the never-ending quest to save a few calories, I stayed away. I cheered when Manisha posted her no-oil lemon and lime pickle recipes; finally it’s warm enough to try for myself. I found some adorable fresh key limes in a new asian supermarket (and I do mean SUPERmarket). Time to make pickles while the sun shines!

lime pickle ready for the sun
lime pickle ~ ready to go

I don’t love ginger as a predominant flavor, so I opted to try this with garlic instead, and remembering Sailu’s words of wisdom (it’s either garlic or hing, not both!) I omitted the hing. Otherwise I stuck to Manisha’s recipe.
Being uncertain of the outcome, I made only enough for a small jar.

lime pickle day 1
lime pickle taking its first sunbath

lime pickle day 2
day two, and it’s already cooking, or at least shrinking!

So the hopeful little limes are out there cooking again today — thanks Manisha!
I hope I can make these no-oil pickles work — I need to get back on the lowfat track because yesterday was…

The Day of Indulgence.

It seems after I made slimmed-down olan the other day, forces conspired against me and all I did yesterday was *eat*! First came the fabulous Kolhapuri egg rassa that Asha made as part of her Maharashtra Cuisine post. No skimping on ingredients here — I used every last bit of coconut, every last sesame seed and every tiny poppy seed called for. It was a tantalizing spicy taste treat and I served it with yolkless eggs (yolkless so as to have more room for the luscious sauce!). Thanks Asha — every time I make one of your recipes,
I end up licking the bowl 😉

asha’s yummy egg rassa!
Asha’s spicy and scrumptious Kolhapuri egg rassa in Depression glass
Colonial “knife and fork” circa 1934

And on top of that…

making jalebis
jalebis frying

First I fried the bondas for Nupur’s A-Z, “U” edition. Of course then I had all that perfectly good oil sitting in the fryer — I couldn’t let it go to waste (and hopefully not too much went to my *waist*). The other day I watched Manjula making jalebis. In some ways, I am a person who learns best by observing. I wanted to make jalebis, but I was intimidated by the yeast. I like Manjula’s easy style — no careful temperature readings on a cookery thermometer here, no — just put the yeast into the warm water and stir it around — with a very matter-of-fact you-can-do-it-too kind of attitude — rather like Asha exudes in her blogs.

So here they are, sinfully crispy and sweet, homemade jalebis.

crispy sweet jalebis, ending a day of indulgence!

And a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there 🙂



  1. indosungod said

    Linda those pickles look awesome. I saw some key limes too at the store, last minute walked away from it. Wow the egg rassa looks tempting to say the least, I almost cooked it today, oh the bowl makes it look all the more appealing. The jalebis look fantastic Linda and you made it for the first time!!

    Hi, ISG — when I saw the key limes I could not turn away — I didn’t know then that Manisha would post about time to make the pickles so it was just luck 🙂 Glad you liked the bowl — it’s a favorite and thanks too for all your kind words, I was excited about those jalebis! Can’t make them often, too easy to eat! Waiting to hear what you made in your patio fry 🙂

  2. trupti said


    You have a lovely smile Trupti, I knew that already! Is that a canadian food network code? 😉

  3. Nupur said

    Look at you: cooking up a storm! The egg curry looks *amazing*, good idea to skip the yolks. I made Manisha’s lemon pickle (will post about it soon) but this lime one is really tempting me now!

    Hi Nupur, do try the curry — Asha’s recipes are always great! I like to leave the yolks out and fill that space with sauce 😉 Can’t wait to see your lemon pickle!

  4. Mishmash! said

    Sweetie…this time i have to ask u ….do u cook /eat anything other than indian food..a new comer to this site will think that yours is an indian food blog :)))))) Admire your love for indian food 🙂


    What, me? An Indian food blog? 😉
    Thanks Shn, you always make me smile! Hugs dear 🙂

  5. Richa said

    wow! u sure were busy cooking this weekend 🙂 I’m not sure I can even think of making such wonderful jalebi, always get store bought, we are lucky to have a good sweet mart here 🙂
    BTW I hopped over to let you know that ur batata vada pictures tempted me enough to make them this wknd, mine is a bit different recipe though, will blog about it 🙂 Thanks for reminding me about it!

    Do try those jalebi Richa — if I can make them I’m sure you could, and even better! I haven’t seen any good storebought sweets around here 😦
    Glad to know you liked the pics — can’t wait to see your batata vadas! 🙂

  6. Coffee said

    Mishmash quoted my mind exactly!!!!
    Thats a whole storm!!!!!! Love your enthusiam girl. 🙂 With every blog putting up this pickles, I am tempted to make it even more now. 😀

    Thanks Coffee! It’s good pickle-making weather here — finally a little sunshine for my garden too. Look forward to seeing your pickles! Ck your mail when you have a min 🙂

  7. Asha said

    MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU Linda!! (as Yoda would say! ) ;D
    Thanks for trying Egg curry.It is a good recipe.
    After you informed me about this ,I watched Manjula’s every single videos there on Sunday and loved them all. I keep hearing her saying ” Hi, I am Manjulaa” again and again:D I will try her gravy recipes this week.Jalebis look great.
    I have a big jar of Key Limes pickle in the fridge too but I used ready made Swad Pickle mix.Try and get a small pack and try.Heat oil,cool and add pickle masala and cut limes.That’s it!
    Have a great day.Got a dental appointment today for Tushar.

    Haha, I need the FORCE after this weekend 😉 Egg curry was yummy! About Manjula’s vids — I know — “welcome to my kitchen” is stuck in my head 😉 I think it would be great if YOU made some vids, Asha! Will look for Swad pickle masala… hope Tushar made out ok at dentist 🙂

  8. sia said

    my head is spinning linda… u kick my ass when i feel lazy n girl, thats a compliment 😀 love ur enthu and passion for indian cooking. now ventured into pickle making and look at those beautiful swirls of jalebi! i wonder if there is anything else left to do 😉

    Thank you, Supriya, but you — lazy?!? I don’t believe it 🙂 There is so much left to do I can’t even begin to count… more fun in the kitchen! :):)

  9. revathi said

    Wow wow wowwwwwwwwwww… You just make me go wow everytime I hit your blog.. amazing variety.. keep it going girl.. Yes I do have that question too ! Do u cook any other cuisine other than indian ??

    Thanks Revathi — glad you enjoyed. There’s lots of variety in Indian cooking and so much for me to try! I do cook other things, but honestly, not very often 🙂

  10. mallugirl said

    a very nice sperad for father’s day!u make me totally lazy?!

    It’s good to be lazy once in awhile. I”m feeling pretty lazy today! 🙂

  11. Sheela said

    Linda, thanks for stoping by! Am just catching up on your posts – urulai was what I wanted to do for A to Z… but just didnt get around to it! And, wow! lime pickle is my favorite! i throw in some slit green chilies and garlic with the lime:-)

    Hi Sheela, I did alot of catching up on your recipes 🙂 I did use some garlic and chiles in these — glad to hear you did too because I wasn’t sure about the garlic — Manisha’s recipe called for ginger 🙂

  12. sharmi said

    the jelabies look so scrumptious. lovely pickle and curry. nice picture to tempt everyone.

    Thank you Sharmi — I’m so glad you enjoyed the pics 🙂 Jalebis were so much easier than I thought!

  13. Suganya said

    I think I should come to you for any tips/recipes on Indian cooking.. I have never made jilebis.. And the lemon pickle, that is heaven in every bite with curd rice.. yummmm

    Only reason I got up enough nerve to try pickles and jalebis, Suganya, is from watching all you guys at work! I learn alot around here 🙂 The jalebis were really easy — if I could do them surely you could 🙂

  14. bee said

    linda, my lime pickle (manisha’s recipe) is ready. it’s one of the best things i’ve ever eaten. despie all that sugar, it’s not ‘sweet’. it just helps cut the acidity of the limes. it’s a perfect recipe. i made indira’s lime pickle too. both are fabulous.

    i love the spread you’ve made. do you need a boarder? i’ll do the dishes.

    Hey Bee, hope my pickles will work as well; they sound delish. Have the seatbelt marks worn off? It’d be quite a drive to my place but you’re more than welcome anytime. If you bring sambhar *I* will do the dishes 😉

  15. sandeepa said

    Those jalebis are perfect and the egg rasa and the pickle, oh my god. Really you should put up a video of making the jalebis too, have never yet ventured there

    Sandeepa, thanks so much! Wouldn’t it be fun to have a bloggers’ video series! Jalebis were so easy compared to what I thought. You should really make them. Dropped from a ziploc bag with the tip cut off, it was a piece of cake, honest 🙂

  16. Dilip said

    you are so talented, great that you tried pickles and jalebis. I don’t have the courage that you do…I baked a pie for the first time and boy that was hard work for a novice like me…~grin~…great work Linda, alway a pleasure visiting your blog and to see what you have tried next…~smile~…

    Dilip, thank you so much for your kind compliments — I have lots of fun trying new things and I guess you do too — a pie!!? Good for you!! I have to hurry to your blog and see what kind… I’m sure you took some photos :):)

  17. Manisha said

    Linda, neat idea to try garlic in the lime pickle. I don’t see any reason why it won’t be finger and plate-licking good!

    My lemon pickle is almost done. Good thing, too. Cos I want to carry some with me to gift to my s-i-l when we go on vacation next week. My lime pickle is taking longer. It is not as juicy as the lemon pickle and I think I need to add some more lime juice to mine.

    Egg rassa looks very good and jalebis with yeast is new to me! Your jalebis are fabulous! I shudder when I think back to my attempts at Diwali last year!

    Hi Manisha, I’m happy to have your stamp of approval on the garlic, and also that you mentioned adding more lime juice as I am thinking I need to do the same for these. Those jalebis, seriously, were so easy — I thought it would be a disaster, but I was surprised. I should write to Manjula and ask her permission to post the recipe. Meantime you could find it here on youtube.

    Hope you have a lovely vacation — I’m sure your sister in law will love the pickle! 🙂

  18. Leila said

    Linda came across your blog only the other day via Nupur’s.Bedekar pickle had been a family favourite while in Mumbai. but here in Canada I haven’t found it

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