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Weekend Happenings

ingredients for lime pickle
fresh key limes, ground spices, sugar, salt, turmeric, fresh chiles and sliced garlic

Last summer, multi-talented Manisha made sun pickles. Pickle is one area of Indian cuisine I have not ventured into often — mostly because the store-bought varieties are usually packed in oil. I love most all sorts of pickles, but in the never-ending quest to save a few calories, I stayed away. I cheered when Manisha posted her no-oil lemon and lime pickle recipes; finally it’s warm enough to try for myself. I found some adorable fresh key limes in a new asian supermarket (and I do mean SUPERmarket). Time to make pickles while the sun shines!

lime pickle ready for the sun
lime pickle ~ ready to go

I don’t love ginger as a predominant flavor, so I opted to try this with garlic instead, and remembering Sailu’s words of wisdom (it’s either garlic or hing, not both!) I omitted the hing. Otherwise I stuck to Manisha’s recipe.
Being uncertain of the outcome, I made only enough for a small jar.

lime pickle day 1
lime pickle taking its first sunbath

lime pickle day 2
day two, and it’s already cooking, or at least shrinking!

So the hopeful little limes are out there cooking again today — thanks Manisha!
I hope I can make these no-oil pickles work — I need to get back on the lowfat track because yesterday was…

The Day of Indulgence.

It seems after I made slimmed-down olan the other day, forces conspired against me and all I did yesterday was *eat*! First came the fabulous Kolhapuri egg rassa that Asha made as part of her Maharashtra Cuisine post. No skimping on ingredients here — I used every last bit of coconut, every last sesame seed and every tiny poppy seed called for. It was a tantalizing spicy taste treat and I served it with yolkless eggs (yolkless so as to have more room for the luscious sauce!). Thanks Asha — every time I make one of your recipes,
I end up licking the bowl 😉

asha’s yummy egg rassa!
Asha’s spicy and scrumptious Kolhapuri egg rassa in Depression glass
Colonial “knife and fork” circa 1934

And on top of that…

making jalebis
jalebis frying

First I fried the bondas for Nupur’s A-Z, “U” edition. Of course then I had all that perfectly good oil sitting in the fryer — I couldn’t let it go to waste (and hopefully not too much went to my *waist*). The other day I watched Manjula making jalebis. In some ways, I am a person who learns best by observing. I wanted to make jalebis, but I was intimidated by the yeast. I like Manjula’s easy style — no careful temperature readings on a cookery thermometer here, no — just put the yeast into the warm water and stir it around — with a very matter-of-fact you-can-do-it-too kind of attitude — rather like Asha exudes in her blogs.

So here they are, sinfully crispy and sweet, homemade jalebis.

crispy sweet jalebis, ending a day of indulgence!

And a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there 🙂

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