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Nupur’s A to Z of Indian Vegetables ~ U is for Urulai

urulai bondas ready for batter
urulai (potato) bonda mixture with tiny tasty key limes ~ aren’t they fun!

Yep, it’s Saturday again — time to pay a visit to lovely Nupur for her continuing series: The A-Z of Indian Vegetables!

Like many folks, I’m sure, I have a mental list of the recipes I most wish to try.
It’s growing by leaps and bounds lately, so it’s harder to keep track!
Still, certain images stick in my mind and one of those is the gorgeous photo of
VKN’s Potato Bondas. Since “U” is for Urulai = Potato, this week’s letter “U” was the perfect excuse to try them. I know they’re deep-fried, but after a whole week of not eating cake, I deserved a little treat 😉

I followed VKN’s recipe and they came out better than I hoped. I’ll definitely be making these again. Thanks, VKN, for the recipe, and thanks again Nupur, for having me. Once we get to “Z” I won’t know what to do with myself on Saturdays 😉

hot urulai bondas
VKN’s urulai (potato) bondas ~ like the ketchup bottle says ~ for best results, eat!

Note: I just realised I am probably supposed to come up with my own recipe, rather than making someone else’s — sorry Nupur!
I’ll put my thinking cap on for “V”, I promise 🙂

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