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Footsteps in Frosting

Following in the footsteps of fabulous cake decorators Shilpa, Archana, Hema and more, I took the plunge into cake-decorating class.

Baking was never my strong suit; when my kids were small it made me keenly aware of my Jewish heritage (read: a guilt complex extraordinaire!). Growing up, my little M ‘n Ms didn’t know the meaning of mik-and-cookies. Cookie was a monster on Sesame Street and milk was a healthy drink that went with breakfast. They suffered through store-bought cookies or cake for class parties, and for birthdays, well — the few times I tried cakes from mixes, they were a disaster. After a while I did manage to make cupcakes turn out ok (but not like these!) — those were always panicked affairs iced with store-bought frosting and little finesse. Forget about gooey chocolatey goodness in marshmallow-covered brownies, fancy colored decorations on numberless Christmas cookies, and all that jazz. Yes, my kids were deprived and I feel it to this day. Thank God for their grandparents, or they’d never have had a sweet tooth at all 😉

A few weeks ago my colleague decided to join a cake decorating class and asked for my company — I agreed to go along. I was so thrilled with the outcome of my first project, I thought I’d share it. My daughter nearly fell over when she saw the cake come out of *our* oven. When she learned I was going to a class to decorate it, she asked for her *face* on the cake!!! Well, I am no da Vinci, so instead, she got her name. Not a particularly creative design, but it was conveniently portion-controlled…

and I did manage to make a Cookie Monster smile on the sides.

Please, no laughing now or I’ll be crushed! 😉

cake one – practicing stars and writing

Meg loved this ’cause she’s a drama queen — she loves her name in lights, even on a cake. Wasn’t I proud when she wanted to take a piece to school and show it off to her friends — a kid of her age. That made me smile inside and out — not at my cake, but at my daughter’s great big heart 🙂

And speaking of great big hearts and names in lights — don’t miss our own dear
Trupti’s exciting news. Congrats, Trupti! 🙂

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