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Coffee’s MBP ~ Jugalbandi’s Olan

jugalbandi’s olan
fabulous floating flavors ~ no compromise ~ jugalbandi’s olan

Fighting the battle of the bulge lately, I have been avoiding fried food, butter, oil, ghee, nuts, coconut, etc — you know the drill — all the good stuff 😦
That made Coffee’s MBP theme for June perfect for me: Going Lite!

One thing I love about Indian cuisine is its adaptability. In most cases, one can reduce, or even eliminate the fat in a dish without compromising on taste.
Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi have a knack for creating great-looking lighter versions of some classic dishes; their olan was no exception. I have seen many olan recipes, of course, and they all tempt me. I decided to try this one because it didn’t call for oil. I further lightened it (and, I suppose, lost some of the true flavor in the process — all in the name of my blue jeans!) by using lowfat coconut-milk-in-a-can.

Otherwise, I followed Bee and Jai’s recipe to the letter, and I must say, even with the lowfat coconut milk, the final product was rich and delicious. I can only imagine how decadent it would be if made the traditional way with fresh coconut milk, and coconut oil to finish.

Thanks Coffee, for choosing a perfect theme to help me stay on track and thanks Bee and Jai, for a delicious recipe!

olan in EAPG comport
lite yet luscious olan in early american pattern glass ~
hand-painted michigan comport circa 1900


Some olan recipes with different ingredients that I intend to try just as soon as the jeans are back to normal 😉

Annita’s version with red gram dal

Shynee’s version with red beans (as part of a fabulous feast!)

Priya’s version with acorn squash

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