Mangoes in Brine

mangoes in brine
tangy, salty and spicy ~ mangoes in brine

Supriya posted a very easy way to make mangoes in brine. I made some,
adding a green chile. They are soooooo delicious!

Thanks, Supriya 🙂


  1. revathi said

    The green chillies will be sooo yummy. My mom does similar by marinating pearl onions in lemon juice and leaving htem in the sun for a week. Out of the world experience !!!

    Oh Revathi — that sounds lipsmacking! Maybe when it gets hot out I’ll give that a try. Wow! 🙂

  2. sia said

    mango and chilli in brine!!! oh linda…my cheeks are hurting girl u know what i have put some amla/gooseberries in brine along with mangoes… if u get gooseberries in ur local indian store store some in brine and i am sure u will like them too works out quite reasonable to the ones we get from stores

    Hi Supriya, I did find a bag of frozen amla and it’s in the freezer yet. I was going to try Hema’s amla in brine — now I’ll put a few in with the next jar of mangoes too. Those mangoes are addictive!! 🙂

  3. indosungod said

    Oh My Linda! they should taste delicious.

    I should have made 2 jars. I made and left for a couple of weeks — just tasted them yesterday. Now I want to put them in everything! 😉

  4. Asha said

    I got one semi ripe mango, I don’t think that is good for brine.Looks great linda.Enjoy the tangy one!;D

    I asked and asked, and finally in one Indian store, they got me a case from the back and let me pick some real green ones from there 🙂 Hope you get some too Asha!

  5. trupti said

    This is one of the treats I loved the most back home. I used to savor this, and leave it in my mouth for the longest time, until my lips puckered up like a fish! I still loved it though.

    Sounds fun — I wish I could have a taste of the *real thing* Trupti! I don’t know what I’m missing I guess, so these taste great to me! 🙂

  6. sudhav said

    Linda that looks yumm…i think i should give it a try…:-)

    Hi Sudha, happy to see you! Been checking your blog — will look for your mangoes 🙂 Hope all’s well, I miss you! 🙂

  7. seema said

    Linda, Mangoes in brine look devine. I am sure adding green chilies to it is an excellent idea to give the tangy taste a little kick. Lovely photography as always.

    Thank you Seema! The chile did give it a little kick — another time I think I’ll add 2 😉

  8. sandeepa said

    They would sure be tasty. Do you have to refrigerate ?
    I like revathi’s idea too

    Hi Sandeepa — I believe Supriya said you could store in a cool dark place, but I didn’t sterilize the jars other than to pour in boiling water. I put mine in the fridge just to be safe 🙂

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