L is for Lake Superior ~ M is for Michigan!

Only in Michigan can you see…

a car ferry passing in the wake of an ore carrier ~ St. Clair River
photo by gkc

a lone merganser piercing the still water ~ early morning on Grand Traverse Bay

oqueoc falls
mist rising from the river as it rushes out of the woods ~ Ocqueoc Falls

rain clouds
a rain shower moving toward Lake Huron ~ across the Straits of Mackinac

stormy lake superior
a Lake Superior storm

I’m afraid I’ll miss out on “L” and “M”, Nupur, but I’ll be peeking in to see what you’re cooking up! Weather permitting, I am off to the lakes on Monday morning. Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Coffee said

    Breathtaking!!!!!! Simply beautiful!!!!!! 🙂

    That was a smart one by the way 🙂

  2. Nupur said

    Have a beautiful trip, Linda! I’m going to miss you 🙂 These pictures made my day!

  3. asha said

    N for NC!!:D

    Enjoy your break Linda.Nature is magnificent,hope it doesn’t snow too much there!! We have rain coming in later today,which is okay:))

  4. Lera said

    Linda, you are back once again with some of the most enticing sceneries.Awesome pictures with special effects kinda feel…The clouds are so beautifully photographed.

  5. indosungod said

    WOW Wonderful pictures as usual! Here it is pouring rain, did the weather cooperate for the visit to the lakes?

  6. Sushma said

    wonderful presentation…I can feel the beauty of these places from your pictures…Perfect ones Linda

  7. enjoy ur break linda..the pic r awesome!

  8. Roopa said

    Linda beutifull pictures!

  9. sia said

    i love ur weekend photography posts linda… beautiful as usal:)

  10. swapna said

    Hi linda
    Wonderful photographs.At first i thought the second one is great but when i saw the other pictures i was like searching for the superlative for the greatest!!
    Fantastic pictures..!!!!!

  11. Sharmi said

    hey Linda, such beautiful pics!! looks so amazing!! cool entry”))

  12. sandeepa said

    Have Fun Linda. You would be refreshed after your break

  13. Swapna said

    These pictures are so serene and beautiful..I wish I could visit these places:)

  14. Hema said

    Hope you are having fun! Just got back from a vacation myself. See you soon!

  15. Vanishree said

    I like your blog very much.
    If you are interested in link exchange than please leave a comment on http://vanishreerajamarthandan.blogspot.com/
    Happy Blogging 🙂

  16. Dilip said

    great pics…I posted similar cloudy pictures of London awhile back…I love grey scales of rain filled clouds…I must be nuts to like such weather conditions…~grin~

  17. sia said

    hey linda, hope u r having good time dear:) just came to say quick hello:)

  18. MeltingWok said

    Absolutely breathtaking, although I can only enjoy this at far hehe, have a pleasant break, cheers ! 🙂

  19. Sushma said

    Hello Linda. Hope you are doing good. Since long havent seen any post on your blog.

    Take care dear

  20. sudhav said

    Linda, breath taking picutres..nature at its best wow…waiting to see your next post..

  21. Hi Coffee, Nupur, Asha, Lera, ISG, Sushma, Maneka, Roopa, Supriya, Swapna, Sharmi, Sandeepa, Swapna (is that you, Swaps?), Hema, Vanishree, Dilip, and Shirley — there, hope I got everyone’s name! Usually I like to reply to everyone individually so hope you’ll forgive my being lazy and saying thank you to one and all — I want to get back to visiting your blogs in a hurry, hence the brief reply here. I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos — makes me smile!

    And thank you for checking up on me, Supriya, Sushma, and Sudha! :):)

  22. Gerardo Montoya said

    I would like include the photo ” rain shower moving toward Lake Huron ~ across the Straits of Mackinac” into my book “lectures on dynamic meteorology and atmospheric modeling” to be published by the National University of Colombia. Thus, I’m requesting permission for such a permission. Thanks.
    Gerardo Montoya
    Full professor at National University of Colombia.

  23. […] days before the 6th begins. We were able to take a quick trip to the Upper Peninsula in search of boats and birds and agates… then home to tend the gardens before heading back to work […]

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