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Pictured Rocks ~ A Magical Place

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a magical place. Stretching over forty-plus miles along the southern shore of Lake Superior are sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, forests, rivers, beaches, and towering dunes. A couple of summers ago I was fortunate to visit and I tried to capture some of the beauty of the place. Photos don’t really do it justice though. You need to see it to believe it. If you go,
plan to stay at least a week. It’s a long way from the bridge, but worth every mile.
Much beauty awaits!


You can walk an interpretive trail out to the top of the dunes. Along the way, you might spy some beautiful wildflowers.

lady’s slipper
lady’s slipper

You can stand atop the dunes, looking out over Lake Superior, and marvel at the distance of the crashing waves below — if you can see them through the fog!

long way down
a very foggy day atop the Grand Sable dunes, looking way down into Lake Superior

A little further west, you get some idea of the size and scope of the dunes.

looking east toward Grand Sable Bank and dunes



The best way to view the “pictures” of Pictured Rocks is from the water. You could kayak in the freezing waters of Superior, or for the more faint-hearted like me, boat tours are offered. Best time to go is first thing in the morning, when the sun lights up the spectacular colors. These pictures were taken in the afternoon.

pools of pure green run right up to rocky ledges rising straight out of the lake

Fascinating geological features abound…

proof of the amazing power of wind and water

“Mineral stains give color to the famous cliffs of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Red and orange colors are iron, black is manganese, white is limonite, and green is a trace of copper. There are no pictographs or petroglyphs on the Pictured Rocks cliffs (that we know of). ” — excerpted from Pictured Rocks for Kids copyright National Park Service.

pictured rocks mineral deposits
close up of mineral deposits

Ah yes, magical! 🙂


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