Brrr… blizzard!

blustery blizzardy backyard
little woods in snow

Just a few days ago it was nearly 70… now it’s freezing and the cold wind is whipping up into a genuine nor’easter. It’s hard to capture in a photo, but snow is whirling everywhere. Of course, this is only a temporary setback. It’s really spring, right?

If you’re in New England, New York, PA, etc, I hope you’re happily warm inside with something good simmering on the stove. It’s a perfect night for a hot pot of bean soup!

Time enough to dig out tomorrow.

h is for…

h is for…


  1. Trupti said

    stay warm!!!! I know what these are like!
    I’ll come and help to clean the snow, I would, y’know, If i was your neighbor!

    H is for…..Holy beans.

    Trupti, you are such a sweetie, thank you! I would come help clear your snow too if I were your neighbor! 🙂

  2. asha said

    Brrrr..!!!Waht a Spring !!!Well …almost!:))

    We had rain the whole,temp. is not bad at all.Today is clear for kids’ B’day,last comment today here.

    I know that beans, Haricot, isn’t it? Perfect H!!

    Hey Asha, I am so glad the kids got a clear day for the big party! Hope you’ll share some b’day pics with us 🙂 (and I mean of the KIDS, yeesh! Not the food for once 😉 )

  3. giniann said

    We have a decent pile of snow outside. Neighbors are all outside. Blog browsing first, snow shovelling comes second in this house : )
    I had the misfortune to actually drive in the snow. It was crazy…

    Eek, Gini, glad you made it home ok! Driving in the snow is no fun, I know — I love my little subaru and its front-wheel drive. Blog browsing was first with me, too 🙂

  4. indosungod said

    Linda, we were spared, we got about an inch of the white stuff and it almost gone. Hyacinth Beans?

    You are the winner, ISG! And happy to see you won a snow-free day, almost 😉

  5. Sushma said

    stay warm and have a hot pot of bean of tomato soup…..waiting for this “H” dish

    bean and tomato soup sounds like just the ticket, Sushma, thanks! 🙂

  6. Sandeepa said

    weird weather….white easter if not white christmas

    Hi Sandeepa — here in New England it’s kind of like they say in Chicago — if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute…. 😉

  7. shaheen said

    my thots exactly. i was just getting my grill ready and the storm blew in. wish the weather would make up its mind. soup is what i need too.

    Grill, grill…. oh, yes! Thanks for reminding me. See, I told you it’s really spring 😉 Hope you stayed warm and dry, Shaheen

  8. Rahin said

    hey linda , talk abt the snow storm , it took us 4 hrs to drive back home , which otherwise takes us 45 mins. 🙂 i hope u r doin well .

    Hi Rahin, thanks and glad to see you made it home safe, if a little late (4 hours!). I was lucky and left work early Friday. Got well over a foot of snow here. Are you in downtown Boston?

  9. Rahin said

    Hi Linda , how r u doin ? No we dont live in downtown Boston , we live in the suburbs 🙂 …wht abt u ?

    In the suburbs, too, Rahin — supposed to warm up by Friday and melt some of this white stuff! 🙂

  10. Sushma said

    Hello Linda,

    I was unaware of this dal till I read it on your post. Thanxs for bringing it up… Dal looks comforting…:-) I would try it out sometime soon


    Hi Sushma, Nupur also has a couple of recipes for the whole val, on her One Hot Stove. Try them sometime, I am sure you would like! 🙂

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