G is For …





  1. asha said


  2. Monisha said

    c’mon now…spill the beans!

  3. Trupti said

    smashed Gobi?

  4. Manjula said

    G for Gourds? Looks like Bottle gourd halwa.

  5. indosungod said

    Linda looks good but what ?

  6. Dilip said


  7. Lera said

    Linda,It’s so green….I’m sure G is for “Greens” with some veggie combo……;)

  8. Trupti said

    OKay, One more guess. Mashed Gourd with daal

  9. Sushma said

    Looks like mashed bottle gourd . C’mon Linda.. tell us what it is 🙂

  10. Thank you all for playing along! The guessing game never grows old with me! 🙂 It’s green mango (in brine) dal — see Nupur’s A-Z for details 🙂


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