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I started some seeds indoors. I don’t know whether they’ll amount to anything in time for Inji’s Green Blog Project, hosted by Mandira over at Ahaar, but it’s been fun watching them grow. I planted methi, cilantro, catnip and radishes.
The methi is already up.

methi seeds, soaked and dry
tiny golden methi seeds, soaked and dry

seeds planted
ready for sunlight and watering

kitties love methi
I heard that some kitties love methi — it seems pinkie is no exception

It was a busy weekend with my daughter in another school play. These high school productions can get pretty intense, time and commitment-wise. The kids did a great job though, so all’s worthwhile. Like most of the freshmen, Meg was in the ensemble. Fortunately, the aspiring Broadway actress still found time to help me whip something up for
Trupti’s WFS with Friends and Family in the Kitchen.

grating cheese
my big ‘little chef’, grating the cheese

We made Asha’s Mediterranean Savory Cake with a variation: we used only chopped broccoli and aged cheddar cheese in our loaf.

asha’s savory bread — broc and cheese variation
asha’s savory bread ~ broccoli and cheese variation

It was delicious. Thanks, Asha!

check out the hand artwork… don’t you miss being a teenager 😉



  1. sandeepa said

    You have managed to grow a lot even in winter Linda

    Totally loved Meg’s hand artwork and thanks to her for helping out

    Thanks Sandeepa — we’re working on it (both the seeds and the kid in the kitchen!) 😉

  2. asha said

    Cake looks great Linda.I will try broccoli next time.Yummy!!

    Meg is sweet to help you out this time for you. Trisha comes home with those art too all over her palm,arm and everywhere!!!;D

    I planted some Radish too,but never came out, too cold I guess.I will try again,still got time.

    Hi Asha, my radishes aren’t up yet. Just put them in Sunday. I hope they will grow. I never had much of a green thumb! Meg has art everywhere too — that day was unusual with just *one* drawing 😉 The cake was awesome — will use that often I’m sure. Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Trupti said

    oohh….you have a green thumb too!!! I am trying to grow Cilantro but in the deep freezer that I live in, I don’t see anything happening anytime soon…will start to grow some things in the next few weeks….*we’re getting snow squalls as I write this!*

    Lovely entry, Linda…thanks to you and your daughter!


    Hi Trupti — hang in there with your squalls. It’s been REALLY cold here — below zero in the wind, so I know how you feel. Either the cilantro or catnip has started coming up today – I have a large window in the living room that gets strong morning sun, so that’s where they are. Looking forward to seeing all your other entries 🙂

  4. mandira said

    Linda, wow your methi is doing great. They look so cute. 🙂 I look forward to your entry. I just saw some heirloom spinach sprouting in my pot garden… hopefully they’ll be done in time for me to post.

    I love Meg’s bracelet.

    Hi Mandira, and thanks! I’ll tell Meg, too 🙂 I bought spinach seeds but thought I’d have to wait for outdoors, for them – you are growing indoors??? Maybe I should get a big pot and try that too.

  5. Mishmash! said

    Hey Linda, I also tried growing methi but dint come out quite well, I blame it on the winter 😉 The leaves were not all that big ..wonder if my expectation was more! Anyway, should try that once more when the spring starts.. Yes, u made many of us in here refresh our teenage days…and it also reminded me of Rachel getting a similar tattoo in FRIENDS 🙂 Hey cake looks very nice.


    Hi Shn… I don’t know how big this methi will get but — it’s a cheery bit of green at the end of winter — reminds me spring’s almost here 🙂 Try Asha’s cake, you’ll love it! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. sia said

    wow… u have managed to grow greens in winter linda:) loved looking at those methi sprouting. its a wonderful experience of watching the seeds grow into plants and it always makes me feel proud whenever i look at them

    Hi Supriya, thank you! It is a nice feeling to see your own plants growing, isn’t it? 🙂 Hope to see lots of homegrown methi and everything else around the blogs this spring!

  7. Monisha said

    Your little methi plants seem to be doing so well, I really need to plan ahead and get things going with my herbs and vegetables.

    Thanks, Monisha — keeping my fingers crossed they keep growing! Look forward to seeing your garden 🙂

  8. swapna said

    Hi linda
    what a great work dear!!the methi plants are growing wonderful isn’t it?
    Ur big chef hands are looking beautiful.i too missing my teenage!!:-D

    Thank you Swapna! I love those big little hands 🙂 Are you going to grow something too? Methi is so convenient, already have the seeds at hand 🙂

  9. Arjuna said

    Wow Linda looks like you are already getting a head start for the summer with all the plants.

    On a separate note, loved your idea of combining fennel and red gram.

    Hi Arjuna, and thanks — the fennel dal was surprisingly good. Hope to have fresh greens for dal soon 🙂

  10. indosungod said

    Methi plants are looking great, heading over for some fresh methi leaves. Meg’s sweet to help you out, savory cake looks tasty yum,

    Thanks ISG. You would like Asha’s cake. I couldn’t use the olives and all or Meg would not eat, but the original recipe sounds delish. Saving you some methi 🙂

  11. bee said

    we started methi too. that cake looks delicious.

    Thanks Bee — Asha’s recipe was easy and delicious. The methi comes up pretty quickly in the warm house doesn’t it? 🙂

  12. Hi Linda,
    Those methi plants look Lovely..good work Linda.
    Looking at those art work I sure miss my teenage days. Meg has done a great job by helping u out.

    Thanks Prema — I miss them too but Meg keeps me hopping to make up for it 😉

  13. MeltingWok said

    Hey Linda, you heard of the Aero auto-garden thingy, I saw that on this infomercial on TV y’day, its like no seed and let it grow all year round, w/o the mess and w/o any nourishing haha, wondering if that works for lazy people like me.

    Hey Shirley — don’t think I’ve heard of that but if you try it, let me know! Meanwhile, if you pick up methi seeds in the Asian grocery, they’re easy to grow too, I don’t have a big green thumb 🙂

  14. Nupur said

    I started laughing when I saw this post: I just soaked methi seeds yesterday and am planning to plant them tomorrow (will let them sprout on cheesecloth a little bit as a head start…when you have an incompetent gardener like me, every little bit helps). I feel encouraged when I see your seedlings peeping up from the soil 🙂 Please send some methi-growing-vibes my way 🙂

    Hi Nupur — I am no master gardener myself… I’m sure if my methi grew, yours will too! Sending you some good-growing vibes 🙂

  15. Lera said

    hey linda lovely hand work ,guess, teenagers are lucky in a way, so many creative & innovative ways to celebrate Life…Methi sprouts seem to have made their way into your garden 🙂

    Hi Lera, I think you’re pretty creative and innovative with all your art and cooking! Hopefully we keep some of that from our teen years 🙂 Kitties and I are enjoying the methi… thanks 🙂

  16. Menu Today said

    Hi Linda,

    Lovely looking cake..Waiting for “Methi” Dish:-) Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you MT, I think you would like the savory cake — Asha’s original recipe had more interesting additions. I’m waiting to make a methi dish too… I am impatient 🙂

  17. Sushma said

    Hello Linda,

    The brocolli cake looks wonderful.. Its so sweet of Meg to help you in the kitchen..:-)

    Looking forward for wonderful methi dishes…


    Thank you Sushma — I guess kids of all ages do enjoy cooking, even the teens 😉 I hope the methi will grow well enough to cook! 🙂

  18. Jyothsna said

    Hi Linda,
    You do have a green thumb! I tried growing methi too, it’s raised its head up, i’m crossing my fingers that it grows well! I find that my plant are sensitive to weather changes, a small wind and they wilt!!

    Hi Jyothsna, thanks for stopping 🙂 I hope you have good luck with your methi — these little ones have some true leaves coming now. My fingers crossed too! 🙂

  19. shaheen said

    u have patience. i didn’t plant anything for the winter. BTW, the bread looks good and so does ur fennel dal. I am recent convert to the fennel club, so nice to collect another recipe with it.

    Thanks, Shaheen — easy to plant a few methi seeds when they’re sitting in the spice cupboard! Happy to see the blue back on your blog, too 🙂

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