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Recent Happenings

I started some seeds indoors. I don’t know whether they’ll amount to anything in time for Inji’s Green Blog Project, hosted by Mandira over at Ahaar, but it’s been fun watching them grow. I planted methi, cilantro, catnip and radishes.
The methi is already up.

methi seeds, soaked and dry
tiny golden methi seeds, soaked and dry

seeds planted
ready for sunlight and watering

kitties love methi
I heard that some kitties love methi — it seems pinkie is no exception

It was a busy weekend with my daughter in another school play. These high school productions can get pretty intense, time and commitment-wise. The kids did a great job though, so all’s worthwhile. Like most of the freshmen, Meg was in the ensemble. Fortunately, the aspiring Broadway actress still found time to help me whip something up for
Trupti’s WFS with Friends and Family in the Kitchen.

grating cheese
my big ‘little chef’, grating the cheese

We made Asha’s Mediterranean Savory Cake with a variation: we used only chopped broccoli and aged cheddar cheese in our loaf.

asha’s savory bread — broc and cheese variation
asha’s savory bread ~ broccoli and cheese variation

It was delicious. Thanks, Asha!

check out the hand artwork… don’t you miss being a teenager 😉


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