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Jihva for Potatoes – Masala Dosa

potatoes inside...
masala dosa

“Jihvā the Sanskrit word means taste, desire and deep longing. . .”
– excerpt from Indira’s original post introducing JFI

For this month’s Jihva for Potato, hosted by talented Vaishali of Happy Burp,
I made masala dosa.

For some time, I have had a deep longing and desire to taste traditional dosas from my own kitchen. I know it’s not particularly original. The potato filling is simple and everyday, but wrapped up in my very own homemade dosas, it somehow morphed into something special. Rather than a complex recipe, this entry is basically just a little culinary achievement for me; something that I wish to share with all of you lovely people who have taught and encouraged me so generously. Many Thanks!!

dosa batter, dosa cooking, potato filling
look mom, it’s *really* fermented!
dosa batter before thinning, dosa cooking, potato filling

I used the fairly standard dosa recipe you can find anywhere — whole washed urad dal, rice, and methi seeds soaked, ground, and fermented overnight.

For the filling, potato, boiled and mashed
mixed with chopped red onion fried in oil and seasoned with cumin seeds,
urad dal, curry leaves, minced green chilies and salt.

The chutney is Lera’s Green Chutney, and the sambhar is IndoSunGod’s Dal Sambhar with Beans and Radish, both out-of-this-world delicious and highly recommended! Thanks, Lera and ISG, and thanks Vaishali for all your hard work! 🙂

masala dosa dinner
masala dosa dinner!

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