Winter Morning

Click photos to enlarge.

winter hanging on
gray squirrel

winter morning
searching for sunflower seeds



  1. asha said

    You are a great photographer too Linda! Beautiful pics and so realistic,I can almost touch that Squirrel! Enjoy.

    I’d like to say I love the squirrels, but they eat up all my birdfood! Can’t deny ’em in cold snowy weather though… and they are cute 🙂 Thanks Asha!

  2. seema said

    Linda beautiful photography gal!!!. Lovely!! both of them but my personal fav is the second one.

    Thanks Seema — I like the second one too with the bird in the background 🙂

  3. Sushma said

    ohh I am missing the snow now…I moved from denver to Los Angeles….:-)

    Wow, that’s a little bit of weather-shock isn’t it Sushma! 🙂

  4. jaspa said

    Oh Linda, I love to see snow near to my house, but no snow here in cali.Beautiful pics.

    Thank you so much! Now, I have to ask so I get this right — jaspa, jasmin, jas, jasu? What is your preference 🙂

  5. swapna said

    very beautiful pictures linda!!

    Thanks, Swapna 🙂

  6. sandeepa said

    That squirrel digging in the snow…absolutely adorable

    They are cute, aren’t they Sandeepa… even when they’re stealing the bird seed 😉

  7. sra said

    very nice pix!

    Glad you like them, sra, thanks! 🙂

  8. MeltingWok said

    I wanna make ice popsicles with that lovely snow you got !! wanna touch the squirrel’s body, so cuteeee..furrrrr 🙂

    He has alot of friends around too Shirley, that didn’t want to get in the pic. You’re welcome to have one or two! 😉

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