Sunday Veggie Shopping

fresh veggies
fresh veggies from a new marketplace!

I was so excited to find this!



  1. InjiPennu said

    salted mango? mmmmm

    Inji, I went to a new store (well, new to me) on Sunday. Now I’ve finally tried the famous unripe mango, I will have to go back for more 🙂

  2. MeltingWok said

    Linda, can’t wait what you gonna do with this, I am eyeing on that shitake mushrooms know, right ? ohh..those long beans are yummy, haven’t had it for a while, mom used to chopped it up and make a mean spicy omelet with that yumss..:) hmm..the 2nd pix, looks like sliced up preserved chinese mustard head in those plastic baggies, good for stir frys and soups, I think I am wrong ? tell me, quick !!

    Hi Shirley, I love preserved Chinese vegetables, too. This one’s salted green (unripe) mango! The long beans were really fresh so I couldn’t resist… will have the finished dish for you soon 🙂

  3. sia said

    u got salted mangoes from market???? cool… u know what i have 2 bottles of salted mangoes in pantry;) i have preserved them in the end of summer and almost forgotten;) thanks for reminding:) will wait for ur recipe girl.

    I was so excited to find the mango, Supriya! Now if you get yours we can both have a treat :):)

  4. asha said

    You get better array vegetables than me Linda!Makes me happy just o look at them.Last one was I think is Ridge Gourd?!

    Asha, in the bowl is Upo Mango – came in a plastic pouch. Very new to me, but I really loved it. I’m sad you can’t good veggies there!!?? But then, you grow such wonderful things in your garden and that’s better than anything in the store :):)

  5. maheswari said

    Salted mango pickle..i really wish i could get it here..

    Hi Maheswari — where are you located? These came from outside Boston, in a new store I just found.

  6. Trupti said

    oh those eggplants are appealing….beautiful….so, whats on the Menu, Linda?

    I’m really lucky to have a decent choice for Indian and other Asian veggies around here, Trupti… these were particularly nice eggplants 🙂 I am taking the day off tomorrow to cook ’em 😉

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