Old Mission Point ~ Summertime Dreaming

Old Mission Peninsula divides Grand Traverse Bay into two arms, the East and the West. The scenic drive out M37 takes you over gently rolling hills, through farmland and vineyards, to the lighthouse at Old Mission Point.

west bay overlook
looking out over the West Arm of Grand Traverse Bay through a sea of grapevines

lighthouse at mission point
At the tip of the peninsula, Old Mission Light stands guard…

rocky shore at old mission point
over a rocky shore, looking out over water as blue as any in the Caribbean

this little guy was cleverly disguised among the leaves (click to enlarge and find him)

near the shore, a juvenile great blue heron stalks lunch

heron again
he was undisturbed by me and my camera coming closer…

curious heron
he was very inquisitive…


he even seemed to speak!

heron stretching
oops… that’s enough of that photo session…

and away he flew…

Ah, summertime in Michigan! 🙂

michigan sunset



  1. Nupur said

    Ooh, the critter is the cutest! Love his/her expression…what an intelligent face.

    Hi, Nupur,

    I don’t know why I always think of critters as “he” — unless it’s something obvious like a doe or a female bird I do. With the juvenile birds it’s hard to know. He does look really quizzical doesn’t he (or she!)? 🙂

  2. Coffee said

    WAH!!!!!! that was beautiful!!!!!! Lovely pics!!!! I want to come over there right now!!! 🙂 Great pics linda. 🙂

    Glad you liked them, Coffee! You can come for summer vacation with me 🙂

  3. asha said

    You are a great photographer Linda! I loved the scenery.Michigan is beautiful.I loved the heron and your discription too!:)))
    Have a great weekend sweetheart!Hugs.

    Aw, you are such a dear, Asha, thanks! Glad you enjoyed the pics as I always do yours! You enjoy your weekend and hugs backatcha 🙂

  4. sia said

    WOW… thats all i have to say…

    WOW — that is exactly what I said when I saw your plantain kabobs! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the pics!

  5. Nabeela said

    Hi Linda!
    Gorgeous pictures! Love the captions too….and I see you are one of the lucky ones who bought the Pedatha cookbook. To console myself when I didn’t buy the book Indira featured(since it was way too expensive for me), I bought Mangoes and Curry Leaves instead….and what a treasure of recipes I found in here!! Their recipe for chapattis is fool proof…I’ve made it quite a few times so far. They even have wonderful sounding recipes for dals and vegetables. Try to check it out if your library has it….trust me, its one of the BEST sources of authentic Indian food I’ve EVER come across…and this is coming from an Indian in case you didn’t know 😉

    Hi Nabeela! Glad to see your smiling face back again.

    I have a copy of Mangoes and Curry Leaves too! I was lucky and received it as a birthday gift. I haven’t had a chance to cook anything from it yet, but the recipes look great and the photos are gorgeous. It’s half cookbook and half coffee-table travelogue… little large for the kitchen, but that’s ok. Pen and paper come in handy for copying recipes. I do that half the time from the blogs anyway 🙂

    I love Pedatha’s book as well. I like cookbooks that give an overview of a cuisine as Mangoes and Curry Leaves does, and also the more specialised books that go in-depth, as Pedatha’s does with Andhra dishes. Equally appreciated in my library 🙂

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Michigan pics — hope to see some of your great posts from your new cookbook soon! 🙂

  6. Manjula said

    Hi Linda,
    Thank you for visiting my blog, i wouldn’t have known about your wonderful blog otherwise..Your Blog is so wonderful..You are a genius photographer. Love those pictures of blue heron..awesome..ah those.. breathtaking scenery.

    Hi Manjula,

    I’m so happy you visited! Thank you for all your kind words — I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. Waiting to try your Brown-rice Fried Rice recipe! 🙂

  7. prema said

    The Pictures are lovely Linda… Michigan is wondeful

    Thanks Prema — and I second your opinion of Michigan :):)

  8. Trupti said

    Beautiful shots Linda….I really loved living there, I must say. I need to make a trip soon I think!

    Hi Trupti — glad you liked them! I didn’t know you lived in Michigan — whereabouts? I just came back from a break there in Dec 🙂

  9. Indosungod said

    Linda lovely just lovely.

    :):) thanks, ISG!

  10. Dilip said

    wow…great pics….I wanna visit…~dreaming~…..thanks for a great post….

    You and J need to visit, Dilip — you’ll love it! Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  11. mm said

    I love the picts…..nice shot of the tree frog and heron. The music that loads with the site is very fitting and I love it…Thank you! mm

    Thank you, mm! Glad you enjoyed “Song of the Lakes” — one of my favorite groups 🙂

  12. Sushma said

    Michigan is bautiful. I just adore the picture of beautiful sunset…Great work Linda

    Thank you Sushma! Sunsets are spectacular on the Great Lakes… I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  13. Luv2cook said

    wow..beautiful pics Linda….The froggie pic was soo cuteeee

    Thanks Sam — I thought he was adorable too 🙂

  14. krithika said

    lovely lovely pics. thanks for sharing

    Hi Krithika — so glad you enjoyed them, thanks! 🙂

  15. MeltingWok said

    my my Linda, both a fine cook & photographer :)) Those are really nice shots, I feel so refreshed after looking at them, we got a rainy day here in So California 😦 Keep them coming, ya ? 🙂 Thanks for sharing & thanks for dropping by my blog, cheers & have a pleasant weekend 🙂

    Thank you Shirley, glad you liked the pics! Your mong toi recipe sent me hunting for that very green, as you’ll see! Hope your weather is looking up 🙂

  16. Wondefull Pictures!!I enjoyed all the pictures..U are a real Photographer!!!!

    Hi KitchenFairy, and thank you! I just peeked at your blog and you have some lovely pics and recipes there! Welcome to blogging… look forward to seeing more great recipes from you 🙂

  17. sandeepa said

    Wonderful Pictures Linda. That Light House is so pristine and white , I am in love with that. That pic is so peaceful, my heart aches looking at it. Beautiful !!!

    Thanks so much, Sandeepa… it’s a lovely spot that’s for sure. So glad you enjoyed the photos. That’s one of my favorite lighthouses 🙂

  18. swapna said

    what a beautiful pictures..really fantastic..

    Thank you Swapna — I’m so happy you liked them 🙂

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