Coffee’s MBP ~ Dilip’s Dill Dal and Nandita’s Kaala Chana

kaala chana and clementine

kala chana (black chickpeas) and fresh clementine

fresh dill and moong dal

fresh dill and moong dal

I’m trying to keep up with all the new blogs, recipes, and events I’ve discovered in the past few weeks. My list of must-try dishes was already long… now I’m adding to it faster than I can cook and eat!

Recently I happened upon Coffee’s blog and her lovely idea, a Monthly Blog Patrol Event. This is all about trolling for recipes, then cooking and blogging about them. Perfect! I do this all the time — easy to send an entry or two for this 😉

This week I made Dilip’s Moong Dal with Dill and Nandita’s Kaala Chana — two dishes with completely contrasting tastes, but equally delicious!

bright and summery moong dal with dill

Dilip’s Moong Dal with Dill

Dilip’s Moong Dal with Dill is reminiscent of summer with its beautiful sunny colors; while the bright flavor and fragrance of fresh dill permeates the dish.
It makes a lovely light lunch or supper that will leave you craving more.

rich and savory kaala chana

Nandita’s Kaala Chana Curry (with clementines)

Nandita’s Kaala Chana is a heavenly dish on a cold day; infused with the dark, smoky taste of kala jeera, black cardamom, and carmelized onions. Try it with a fresh clementine for a real winter taste treat.

dilip’s moong dal with dill

Delicious Dill Dal!

nandita’s kala chana

Comforting Kaala Chana!

Thank you Coffee, Dilip, and Nandita!


  1. Trupti said

    wow..that looks grand! Those Clementines add a really nice touch to the dark chanas,just lovely.
    How’s winter in Michigan this year?


    Hi Trupti, and thanks — I liked the color combo as well. I know it seems like I live in Michigan sometimes (and I hope to, eventually!). Really I just visit alot! I live in New England, and it’s pretty cold here but not much snow. Hope you’re faring well too!

  2. Coffee said

    My My!!!! two lovely entries!!!!!!! Thanks dear 🙂 Lovely pics !!!

    Clementines in kala channa!!!!! How did you think of that!!!

    Thank you Coffee — looking forward to your collection at the end of the month! Just a thought I had to try the kaala chana along with a clementine — it tasted surprisingly good and I liked the color contrast, too 🙂

  3. Asha said

    WOW!! Another lazy weekend for you,eh?:D:D

    Great entries.I love the Dal and Dill dish.Clementines in Chana,brilliant!:))

    I am trying to change my template this weekend ,tired of seeing pink!

    Hi Asha, these days “lazy weekend” means time around the house to cook rather than running a taxi-service for the kids! 😉 Hope you’re having better luck with the template. We don’t want to see you lose anything — *that* would be a tragedy! 🙂

  4. shaheen said

    wonderful looking photos! what changed? dal with dill sounds really interesting.

    Dilip seems to have a way with dals, Shaheen! Not sure what’s changed about pics but I did have some new dishes. thanks! 🙂

  5. Sri said

    Beautiful photos…Clementines in channa , that’s something new…will be trying both.

    Glad you enjoyed the pics, Sri — I must make your chole soon! 🙂

  6. indosungod said

    The dill Dal looks fantastic and Kala Chana delicious with clementines sweet. Linda you never fail to amaze me.

    Thanks Indo… am waiting to go to the store for okra :):)

  7. swapna said


    hope u have a nice weekend..every dish is so beatiful especially the last one …i like the colour of it..
    thanks for dropping by..

    Hi Swapna, glad you dropped by too, thanks for your kind words. Enjoy your week! 🙂

  8. Sandeepa said

    hey clementines with kala chana, that’s new
    the food looks lovely and warm for cold winter

    Thank you Sandeepa! It’s certainly getting cold so time for some comfort food 🙂

  9. Lera said

    Linda, as usual you have made a nice choice…lovely pictures.:)

    Thanks Lera – I was happy with the dishes, too. So many on that list to try! 🙂

  10. Dilip said

    gosh…so you tried the Dill Daal…thats wonderful…hopefully you enjoyed the unique taste…this daal is one of my comfort foods…whenever I can get my hands on fresh Dill, I tend to make the daal….many thanks for trying the recipe…hey I made Kala Channa just yesterday…but the idea of using clementines…is so new…i can’t wait to try it…thanks for sharing…take care dear friend

    The sweet clementines really went nicely against the richness of kaala chana. Thanks to YOU for the grand dill dal recipe, Dilip — will enjoy that alot this winter. I can see why it’s a comfort food to you 🙂

  11. Nidhi said

    WOW! that looks very festive and grand. Beautifully presented dishes and wonderful pictures. Good job Linda.


    Thanks so much, Nidhi 🙂

  12. haripriya said

    Wow!!! those two recipes looks wonderful…they r vry rich and healthy!!!thnx for sharing!!!

    Thanks Haripriya, if you try them I think you’ll enjoy them too 🙂 The recipes are in Dilip’s and Nandita’s links above 🙂

  13. LC20 said

    All dishes are so well garnished that anyone wants to grasp it at first sight.

    Thanks for the kind words, LC20 🙂

  14. nandita said

    Hey Linda,
    I saw this on the links section of my chana post today and you have done a wonderful job. Chana looks truly BLACK. Thanks a lot for that mention and your kind words. Im sure the clementines would have cut thru the chana taste beautifully

    Thanks for visiting, Nandita, and thanks for your kind words as well — I’m glad I got it right! It is a lovely recipe you shared, and tastes great! 🙂

  15. Luv2Cook said

    Cool..dill dal…sounds wonderful.. gotta try that one for sure…

    Yes, Dilip’s recipe turned out great — easy as pie too!

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