Asha’s Parathas

Just a thown-together post, but I can’t believe I actually made these parathas. I was so excited! If you’ve never made them, run, don’t walk, to Asha’s blog for the easy-to-follow recipe and instructions.

Asha, you are a miracle worker with your step-by-step recipes; even I could learn this. I wish I had better photography skills to show the layers inside! Rajma and parathas were indeed one delicious combo; thanks so much.

asha’s rajma and parathas

Asha’s rajma and parathas


  1. Nabeela said

    oh wow!! you made parathas! that’s only done by real hard-core house-wives in India…even I’ve only attempted them once..the results were ok, but i didn’t attempt them again…that’s because I didn’t want to spoil the memory of yummy parathas my mom used to make
    you are pretty adventurous in your cooking Linda!

    I can’t claim to be a hard-core housewife, Nabeela, but surely do enjoy my little kitchen adventures! I know what you mean about spoiling the yummy memories, too… when I made my mom’s thumbprint cookies I was disappointed… hers are so much better 🙂

  2. shankari said

    Making parathas is tiresome for me, coz they just dont come right and I also know the reason why, I tend to do it my own way and not follow step by step instructions, I think I should now…
    forget the pic, I am sure it turned out great

    Hi Shankari, and thanks 🙂 I don’t always follow directions, then I wonder why I’m always so pleasantly surprised at the result when I finally do!

  3. Lera said

    Linda, wow! did you really get to make so many of these in one go…Amazing! It’s a neatly stacked ,beautiful picture.

    Thank you Lera — I really had fun making these. There were a lot — and I cut Asha’s recipe in half! Her parathas must be HUGE 🙂

  4. indosungod said

    Linda, you have done it again, Parathas are indeed a little hard to make, yours look wonderful. Nothing can beat the Rajma/Paratha combo.

    Thanks, ISG. I saved some parathas in the freezer, hope they keep ok. Got some eggplant and will try your eggplant curry with them… the gravy looks so good 🙂

  5. Asha said

    Hey Hey! 🙂 All of them looking great Linda! Thank you so much for trying my recipes and enjoying them with your family.:)) Nothing makes me happier.

    I came here to get your link to Pasties for my next post, and what a pleasant surprise I got:) Blogger gave me lot of trouble since friday, lot of people were saying they had trouble leaving comments,lost abt 5 too.Anyway, It’s okay today,I have been typing away and will visit bloggers tomorrow,lot to catch up:) Thanks again Linda!:) Vote tomorrow!:D

    Hi Asha, the parathas were fantastic! What an easy recipe. And they were delish, thanks! Glad your blogger is back up and running. What did we do before computers 😉 I have some catching up to do too, starting at Foodie’s Hope.

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