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Sweets for Jihva


sweets ~ by the book!

ingredients for laddoo/laddus

sweet beginnings: besan flour, granulated sugar, roasted peanuts, jaggery, cashews and golden raisins

I thought I might try my hand at a more traditional Diwali treat. There were so many great recipes I had a hard time choosing. In the end, I went with these two recipes from Vineela and Krithika. They were user-friendly enough for a novice like me, and I had the ingredients at hand. I behaved. Didn’t change a thing. Followed each recipe to the letter. My reward? Quick, easy, and delicious sweets!!

vineela’s peanut laddu

Vineela’s Peanut Laddu

Krithika’s Besan ke Laddoo

They are a little less-than-spherical, but oh, the kitchen smells divine.
And now if I’m not too late, I will send these to Vee for her
Special Edition Jihva.

Thank you Vineela and Krithika, for your lovely recipes!

festival sweets

a more traditional diwali treat

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