Northern Michigan

rolling hills in autumn
autumn snow squall rolling in over farm country in Northern Michigan

genuine UP-style pasty
genuine UP-style pasty, sauce and pickle



  1. Shankari said

    What is pasty sauce Linda?
    The fall picture is simple amazing

    Hi Shankari, pasty sauce is basically a spicier, tangier catsup-type sauce. I sure wish I had the recipe; I guess it’s a ‘secret’. Glad you liked the picture 🙂

  2. Asha said

    OH! Linda! Cornish Pasties !! Yum!! I used to eat tons of pasties and mince meat pies in England!! We used to live there before US!! LOVE then!! I can taste it now and I am jealous! Ship those to me, pleeezzzz!!!

    Where is the recipeeee???? Wah!!!!!:))

    Asha — how neat, you have had the *real* Cornish pasty right there in England! I am sending you a box straightaway 😉

  3. Steve said


    Just a few days ago I was passing through Ishpeming, MI and stopped at Lawry’s Pasty Shop and had a pasty with that exact sauce. It really is a treat; great food in a great part of the country.

    I was in Ishpeming a couple of summers ago, en route from the Keweenaw. Northern MI is my very favorite part of the country, for sure 🙂

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