All About Me Meme

Thoughtful Maneka tagged me to play this “me” meme.
Be sure to check out her spicy vegetable kurma!


I am thinking about: making a pot of bean soup for this cool weather

I said: I’d better put the beans to soak!

I want to: see my children follow their dreams and be successful, but more importantly content and happy in the lives they lead

I wish: for a little log home in the woods of northern Michigan… with birdfeeders!

I regret: not finishing college when I had the opportunity

I hear: the cats having their nightly chase-game

I am: strong outwardly, a chronic worrier inside

I dance: in the kitchen, with joy and abandon, to Song Of The Lakes, among others…

I sing: decently, but some would say too often!

I cry: silently, when I see my children struggling or suffering

I am: just a kid at heart

I am not: a soccer mom

I write: with much more clarity than I speak, as a rule

I confuse: hunger and boredom 🙂

I need: to learn to relax and not worry so much

And finally…I tag: Karthi, and anyone else who would like to join in.


I wish I may, I wish I might...


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  1. hey linda…it was real good meme..nice to know more about ur thoughts…

    Thank you for the tag, Maneka. I enjoyed reading yours too, and your daughter’s feet were just adorable 🙂

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